NotD pics: Jessica Twilight

Got this in a 6 pack set at Marshalls...



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expand whole threadNotD pics: Jessica Twilightcat11041/10/2008 1:39PM

um, wow!choosychick1/10/2008 4:41PM

That looks SO much like Essie Starry Starry night - WANTS!!!avroys1/10/2008 3:12PM

Oh. I saw a Jessica set at Marshals yesterday and never looked to see what was in itbabydials1/10/2008 2:22PM

FAINTS that is AMAZING what other colours were in the set? I NEVER see stuff like thatdiann_co1/10/2008 2:19PM

Here's the set rocat11041/10/2008 2:34PM

cute set!Dramaqueenie21/10/2008 3:05PM

thx!diann_co1/10/2008 2:48PM

Whoa!! Very nice!jINXkat1/10/2008 2:18PM

Wow, why can't MY Marshall's have stuff like this?? WONDERFUL on you!wackymichy1/10/2008 2:07PM

DAMN!!!!!!♥shamell1/10/2008 2:07PM

OMG, that's GORGEOUS!fallchild1/10/2008 2:03PM

pretty!Dramaqueenie21/10/2008 1:59PM

wowza! :D Dang, my Marshalls-like store never has anything good!fivezero1/10/2008 1:52PM

All the Jessicas I've seen are sheer or run-o-the-mill winenewsystyle1/10/2008 1:54PM

i always see sheers and french mani sets. bootobywOO1/10/2008 1:56PM

me too, just the Barielle french set!fivezero1/10/2008 2:11PM

Gorgeous! Drooling here...ceeRennycee1/10/2008 1:51PM

gah---now I have got to search the 51316464 Marshalls around here..Love that!! quiana1/10/2008 1:50PM

very pretty. I bet it was a good price too!violetcobra1/10/2008 1:49PM

yup-- $6.99 for 6 bottlescat11041/10/2008 1:49PM

*howls* HOT!newsystyle1/10/2008 1:48PM

That's fabulous, I love your nails!Mrs_Brightside1/10/2008 1:44PM

ooowee!! beautiful!!!thatgurl1/10/2008 1:42PM

omg that is friggin GORGEOUS!!!Bratt_the_Catt1/10/2008 1:42PM

um! twinish to ssn i hope? gorgeous on you ♥tobywOO1/10/2008 1:41PM

I don't have that one. :( Does it have a jelly-like finish too?cat11041/10/2008 1:42PM takes 2-3 coats to get pictobywOO1/10/2008 1:44PM

SSN looks like it might have finer, denser glitter. Gorgeous pics and nails :-)cat11041/10/2008 1:45PM

thanks :) i was hoping they would be close enough that i can move on!tobywOO1/10/2008 1:48PM

That's gorgeous! gymnastgirly1/10/2008 1:41PM

That is beautiful!Brandi1/10/2008 1:40PM