What is the polish that started your love affair with nail polish?+++

Mine was Scrangie. The purple one...


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expand whole threadWhat is the polish that started your love affair with nail polish?+++sewhora8/1/2014 9:57PM

OPI Done Out in Decohermetic8/4/2014 2:43PM

Metro Chicabby138/3/2014 3:56AM

Revlon Cherries in the Snow.kh0278/2/2014 12:07PM

Revlon's "Toast of New York" way way back in the dark ages.angelheartschanel20098/2/2014 10:51AM

ChG Ruby PumpsHeather11018/2/2014 10:49AM

It wasn't any one polish that began my craze. It was THIS NP BOARD that put me on the path in ! LOL diram8/2/2014 10:41AM

OPI Pamplona Purple :) kookiekathleen8/2/2014 9:54AM

a L'Oreal in the early eighties. It was like a shimmery beige, sounds boring but it was +edie47118/2/2014 9:40AM

lol,italian skin tone antoanto238/2/2014 9:51AM

a random one i bought at the local market...i think was white pearly kindaantoanto238/2/2014 8:30AM

Chanel Paradoxal. For a "former" muggle who only owned reds and pinks+debbah8/2/2014 8:17AM

Nails Inc Noho. I hadn't seen textured polishes until this one. ropmonaliana8/2/2014 2:23AM

no specific one, but my sis gifted me a UD set for grad last yr and then I got interested in it +pinkstarz8/2/2014 1:17AM

Chg Four Leaf Clover, from obsessively browsing ALU posts at the time.willruetheday8/2/2014 12:50AM

Though that was the second wave. +willruetheday8/2/2014 12:55AM

Chanel's infamous "Jade" although I have it, I've never worn it...glamrgal8/2/2014 12:32AM

Huh? I can understand wanting to keep it Nib for sentimental reasons, but am confused+impoverishedcris8/2/2014 3:31AM

OPI Italian Love Affair was the first manicure I got after stopping biting my nails, and loved itsavagegirl878/2/2014 12:22AM

Essie Chinchilly was a gateway drug for me.bettygrable728/1/2014 11:49PM

orly mineral fx collex: stone cold, emberstonescarymonster7428/1/2014 11:43PM

WNW Golden Rose...started out so simple....+dontmakeasound8/1/2014 11:21PM

It looks super pretty! What do you mean by not the same?impoverishedcris8/1/2014 11:25PM

the consistency has changed a bit. Kinda thicker and hard to apply evenlydontmakeasound8/1/2014 11:29PM

Ah. I wasn't sure if the polish itself had changed or your feelings toward it had. ;)+impoverishedcris8/1/2014 11:31PM

believe it or not, I dont own thinner. I was actually just thinking of buying some for this polish.+dontmakeasound8/1/2014 11:35PM

thanks!!dontmakeasound8/2/2014 12:03AM

You should definitely go for it. It's cheap and it lasts forever, just like polish. Plus+impoverishedcris8/1/2014 11:40PM

Zoya Song. Stayed on for a week with no bc or tc. Markette8/1/2014 11:04PM

OPI Chicago collex.r/othanefurrows8/1/2014 10:42PM

Wow!! Same here. Mrs O'Leary's BBQ was my gateway. Lolsantra28/1/2014 11:10PM

OPI Pirates collection-and I only have 2 of them!amyveg8/1/2014 10:39PM

Out the Doormissykeyana8/1/2014 10:34PM

This!homeforwaywardkitties8/2/2014 7:21PM

Linear holos in general started it!LeroyJenkins8/1/2014 10:28PM

Essie Bikini So Teenyireneyy8/1/2014 10:20PM

Seeing OPI Mod About You on my gynecologist's nails, ha. +chanelleno78/1/2014 10:17PM

thats such a good color! aybubs8/1/2014 11:29PM

Taking it waaay back, some cobalt/navy WnW polish when I was a teen. +laurenli8/1/2014 10:17PM

The L'Oreal polishes of the mid-90s very bold colors that appealed to middle school me. :)ELfin8148/1/2014 10:16PM

Shxw mint sorbet and SC cinderellaceclarlinetlo8/1/2014 10:13PM

OPI koala BerryPISALISA8/1/2014 10:12PM

a frosty blue from Claire's called "Fun n' Funky" - I even bought a back-up lolmarselduchamp8/1/2014 10:10PM

Black shatter. I loved seeing it in combination with various colors underneath. :)impoverishedcris8/1/2014 10:08PM

SHCSM Gray-t Escape +lutya8/1/2014 10:03PM

DL across the universe. Blew me away. anemone48/1/2014 9:59PM

yeah, this was totally a turning point for me too :Draspberrychip8/2/2014 8:05AM

That obsession followed soon after scrangiesewhora8/1/2014 10:58PM