Woe is me MUB I am afflicted with something unexplainable...

I now only wear eyeliner - liquid, the blacker the better and winged - and NO eyeshadowwww!

And I have piles of unworn eyeshadows that used to be so loved.

What is wrong with me?

(Thankfully still loving blush and all the rest of it though!)

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expand whole threadWoe is me MUB I am afflicted with something unexplainable...pencilpleat2/13/2014 1:49AM

Oh no! *hugz* But I'm all for embracing what works for you. I wouldn't r/oVioletOblivia2/13/2014 7:52AM

*humps* I MISSED YOOOOUU! :D toto8502/13/2014 3:02AM

I missed you MOAR miss C! :***pencilpleat2/13/2014 4:54AM

This too shall pass.spookydeuce2/13/2014 1:59AM

sigh. thanks spookehpencilpleat2/13/2014 2:08AM

:( "wear us, pleatyyyyyy!" <---- I speak for the pigments. madeupstories2/13/2014 1:53AM

o_O you doooo? what else they sayyyypencilpleat2/13/2014 2:08AM

buy MUS a bearclaw and deliver it to her by expressssmadeupstories2/13/2014 2:08AM

pbi- lol. Oy, Pleaty! Here too :O <=======Absalom2/13/2014 2:10AM

Hmm I knew I shouldna asked that as soon as I clicked 'post message'!pencilpleat2/13/2014 2:15AM

Eeeeks, Pleatyyyyy! :DAbsalom2/13/2014 1:52AM

*smoochez Absy* how u been bb???pencilpleat2/13/2014 2:07AM

Just working lots, hauling less and MISSING YOU!Absalom2/13/2014 2:10AM

Aaaw thanks missed ya tewwwpencilpleat2/13/2014 2:16AM

Sorry about the neglected shadows! I on the other hand have been +Absalom2/13/2014 2:21AM

LOL! I know what you mean. Absalom2/13/2014 2:50AM

BUT but if I come here too often MUS & the rest of you lot will make me buy too much STUFFpencilpleat2/13/2014 2:46AM

That is what happens when you stay away too long. +Absalom2/13/2014 2:41AM

The Artliners are gaaaaawjusss. I haven't hauled anything in so long...sigh.pencilpleat2/13/2014 2:34AM

I just bought these +Absalom2/13/2014 2:31AM

Yeah? Like whiat kind of brights?!pencilpleat2/13/2014 2:25AM

I've gone through a few phases of that, since eyeshadows don't make a huge dif on meorenjinominh2/13/2014 1:52AM

well they do make a difference on me. I just decided I would embrace my semi hooded monoliddish eyespencilpleat2/13/2014 2:06AM

I have the same.....lol, they do NOTHINGGGGorenjinominh2/13/2014 2:18AM

LOL maybe cuz you're young? I'm olddddpencilpleat2/13/2014 2:25AM

It's aiight. You will enter into eyeshadow phase again. :)traxfever2/13/2014 1:50AM

you reckon? I really feel like tossing aaaaaall my eyeshadowspencilpleat2/13/2014 2:05AM

PLEATY! *hugs* I'm glad you still love blush. Maybe this is phase?thecharm2/13/2014 1:50AM

*hugsssss* I guess. But it's been a long phase :-(pencilpleat2/13/2014 2:04AM