MUA, what is your verdict on hourglass Ambient Light blush thingies?


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expand whole threadMUA, what is your verdict on hourglass Ambient Light blush thingies?Absalom2/13/2014 1:41AM

I am going to return the one I got (Diffused Heat)Julie3562/13/2014 12:40PM

I have mood exposure and love it missusjones2/13/2014 4:31AM

I returned mine (in "Dim"). A lot of price for a worthless product IME.luckypenny682/13/2014 2:13AM

Wow! Ok. thanks. I had no idea you guys hated it so much.Absalom2/13/2014 2:14AM

I have luminous flush and I think it's awesomeflauros2/13/2014 2:02AM

I was hoping someone would say this. could you describe it please?Absalom2/13/2014 2:05AM

It is baked and a little powdery, average wear time, builds to bold color if you likeflauros2/13/2014 2:06AM

Ty :-)Absalom2/13/2014 2:07AM

they are inaccessible to me and therefore I refuse to believe they are revolutionarythecharm2/13/2014 1:50AM

charmy I'm totally with you on thispencilpleat2/13/2014 2:03AM

:D Your face is enough! Revolution worthy that is.Absalom2/13/2014 1:56AM

*hugs* aw SHUCKSthecharm2/13/2014 1:57AM

xoxoxoxoxoAbsalom2/13/2014 2:05AM

They look baked and I'm not too fond of baked products.spookydeuce2/13/2014 1:48AM

likewise. They seem like yer typical frosty baked goods. ... Now I want a bearclaw.madeupstories2/13/2014 1:54AM

I want a baguette and cheese.spookydeuce2/13/2014 1:58AM

ugh CHEESE. Why so pricey in Asia, cheese??? :''''(madeupstories2/13/2014 2:09AM

Because they don't eat it! spookydeuce2/13/2014 2:10AM

and yet it shows up TOTALLY UNANNOUNCED in my grilled rice cake??? D: HORKmadeupstories2/13/2014 2:26AM

Ew good lord barbariansorenjinominh2/13/2014 2:19AM

Or put corn all over it and with kimchi! *barf*Absalom2/13/2014 2:12AM

Omg drooling here so hunger T.Torenjinominh2/13/2014 1:59AM

Dang! lemming retreated into oblivion.Absalom2/13/2014 1:55AM

I thought I wanted it cuz it's so pretty in pan, but it seems to all be one color on ppl o.oorenjinominh2/13/2014 1:56AM

Lol! I fall prey to pretty in the pans all too oftenAbsalom2/13/2014 1:59AM

Never! Muahahah aorenjinominh2/13/2014 2:19AM

Indeed! Remind me to recruit you as marketing genius when I create my MU range :DAbsalom2/13/2014 2:04AM

If they had a way to make the top lid clear I think it would sell even betterorenjinominh2/13/2014 1:59AM

They look bleh on skin IMO, the blushes that is. And also bearclaws on skin. orenjinominh2/13/2014 1:55AM

bearclaws in mouf!madeupstories2/13/2014 1:56AM

Nom nom NOM orenjinominh2/13/2014 1:59AM