POLL: w/o judgment how many lippies, blush,bronzers,blush,powders,eyeliners,etc ROP+

do you have in your stash. I have a pretty small stash for a MUA member but I always find it amusing and entertaining to hear from other members :)

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expand whole threadPOLL: w/o judgment how many lippies, blush,bronzers,blush,powders,eyeliners,etc ROP+zrwr002/12/2014 11:32PM

Lipsticks ~150, gloss ~30, eyeliners ~25, eyeshadows ~75, much less of everything else.engelsberg2/13/2014 2:51AM

my live-apart-from-stash-for-3-months stash is: 9 lip 3 blush 4 powder 2 liner 2 mascara+ zila2/13/2014 1:37AM

Excluding the purged: 12 lippies, 10 blushes, (how?!) 0 bronzed, 2 powders, 10 eyeliners.Shryh12/13/2014 12:52AM

I have 82 items: two eyeliners, two mascaras, one mascara primer, one eyelid primer...cawowinnose2/13/2014 12:51AM

The most I have is lippies, but my entire stash fits in a small-ish makeup bag.katemoss2/13/2014 12:47AM

11 lippies, 10 blushes, 3 bronzers, 1 powder, 11 eyelinersmiranda242/13/2014 12:39AM

maybe 15 lippies, 7 blushes, 0 bronzer, 1 powder, 3 e/l and MILLIONS of e/s! ivresse2/13/2014 12:25AM

Lippies: 35 (including stains, tinted l/b, l/s and l/g), blushes: 10, bronzers: 2, fdt: 2, e/l: 10+ombre_bleue2/13/2014 12:23AM

I can't count that high. LOL, just kidding. I'd get bored of counting before I finishedKatgirl6252/13/2014 12:08AM

Oh lord. 50+ Ls 15 glosses 15 palettes like 9 bronzers and 20 blushes+orenjinominh2/13/2014 12:05AM

All I know is my stash is super unbalanced...roBCbabe2/13/2014

im that way with lippies and npSoPolished2/13/2014 1:19AM

Same!jojo44112/13/2014 12:54AM

5 lippies, 7 blushes (HOW WHY MORE BLUSHES), 1 bronzer, 2 powdah, 2 linersillahuasca2/12/2014 11:56PM

lips: <5, blush: 10. bronzers: 3 (incl 1 highlight)+cassiecate2/12/2014 11:55PM

just counted e/s: 143 plus 46 pigment samples. oops. cassiecate2/13/2014

10 l/s, 4 stains or balm-stains, 2 l/g. 4 blush, 1 shimmery bronzer & powder, 6 e/l ROhighPriestess2/12/2014 11:53PM

I am impressed with your restraint! That's about how much I take on long trips loltito_barf2/12/2014 11:57PM

lol thanks I used to keep much more--it's been a "prcocess" :PhighPriestess2/13/2014 12:24AM

Ooooh I think I'll count them on my snowday tomorrow, lol. Quite a few that I don't use +Gwiyomi2/12/2014 11:50PM

Lipstick:150+ gloss 150+ Blush 85+ Bronzer 50+ Highlighter 65+ r/othesavagefamily2/12/2014 11:46PM

36 l/s--24 l/g--16 blush--135 e/s (incl palette)--31 e/l--47 pigmentstito_barf2/12/2014 11:45PM

this from my inventory spreadsheet. (am obsessive)tito_barf2/12/2014 11:47PM

15-16 lipsticks (a range b/c 1 or 2 is misplaced/missing); 8 blush; 2 bronzers ++mousquerader2/12/2014 11:42PM

Oh and 2 highlighters - 1 powder, 1 stick. lol.mousquerader2/12/2014 11:46PM

L/s: 30 something// Blush: 15ish// Bronzer: 1//Powder: 2// E/l: 3 or 4Abbyk102/12/2014 11:39PM

L/s: 40 // Blush: 25 // Bronzer: 1 // Powder: 1 // Eyeliners: MENNYmadeupstories2/12/2014 11:35PM

pbi: Really unrelated but I remember you described Nars SG in Siberia ++Abbyk102/12/2014 11:45PM

No haz anymore. No green, IIRC, just a cool yellow, sorry! :(madeupstories2/12/2014 11:51PM

*Sigh* Thank you! At least I know it won't work now :)Abbyk102/12/2014 11:53PM

it aint easy being green! :*madeupstories2/12/2014 11:55PM

I counted my lipsticks the other day and it came to 52hotelocho2/12/2014 11:35PM

Lipsticks: A lot. Blush: A lot. Bronzer: 1. Powders: At least 2. Eyeliners: At least 5. spookydeuce2/12/2014 11:34PM

I like the way you count. Lipsticks: a lot Blush: a whole lot Bronzers: quite a few, etcshahada2/12/2014 11:47PM

lol, I'm at work so I can't actually count. Plus, most of my stash is in the US.spookydeuce2/12/2014 11:50PM

I wouldn't start to count... islander3062/12/2014 11:34PM

2nd it seems kind of bafflinghellokatiepants2/12/2014 11:34PM

3rdJoyfulheart52/12/2014 11:35PM