Anyone up for some chocolate shimmer shadow swatches? +

For fall and such. Tom Ford Chocolate Shimmer refers to the one shimmery shade in Cocoa Mirage Quad, it's a low level shimmer though.


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expand whole threadAnyone up for some chocolate shimmer shadow swatches? +mikmik9010/29/2013 12:34AM

Chocolate.....even better, chocolate eyeshadows!!! Oh my god they are lovely. Thank you.hottsauce10/29/2013 8:58AM

I didn't realize Bejewelled Skylark was chocolate, for some reason I always thought it was a deep +artbabe10/29/2013 2:35AM

Yummy! The RBR is gorgeous!CarolineSwing10/29/2013 1:38AM

It really is :) One of my favouritesmikmik9010/29/2013 1:54AM

Yasssssss!! You got cocoa mirage!! Twinsiespanties10/29/2013 1:36AM

I fecking love it :) Check the blargh!mikmik9010/29/2013 1:54AM

I love the RBR & TF. Beautiful colors, nice swatches. Thanks for posting <3cinnamonglaze10/29/2013 1:12AM

:) Glad you like it mikmik9010/29/2013 1:35AM

The Burberry looks lovely. Probably only suits the pale :(bulletproof10/29/2013 12:56AM

I think it pulls a little reddish on me. =/mellody4310/29/2013 1:27AM

I don't think so! Lot's of different skintones loved it when it came out. mikmik9010/29/2013 1:09AM

The RBR makes the Burberry one seem light in comparisonwhooobie10/29/2013 12:51AM

It is definitely deeper :) The others are more medium brown. mikmik9010/29/2013 1:08AM

Oh wow, gorgeous!! TY for posting! =)andreajunelle10/29/2013 12:49AM

:)mikmik9010/29/2013 1:09AM

Oh those look so rich and nice! Which has the best texture?AndryaAndroid10/29/2013 12:45AM

The left three are all fantastic, MAC Antiqued is okay. mikmik9010/29/2013 12:48AM

Just okay? But looks so prettyybailokaye10/29/2013 12:57AM

The texture is decent, but not as nice as the other three. mikmik9010/29/2013 1:08AM

Wanna smother myself all over those swatches! Drooling here!absalom10/29/2013 12:40AM

:-*mikmik9010/29/2013 1:09AM

so beautiful! thanks for sharing ^.^velvetsnow10/29/2013 12:35AM

My pleasure :)mikmik9010/29/2013 1:09AM

And suddenly I want a chunk of delicious bitterness... :/Baldufita10/29/2013 12:35AM

I haz flourless bitter chocolate cake :Dmikmik9010/29/2013 1:09AM