What are your must-have eyeliner colors besides black?


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expand whole threadWhat are your must-have eyeliner colors besides black?miranda2410/28/2013 11:20PM

navy, teal, dark greennirvana910/29/2013 6:23AM

Plum,Navy,UD Liners any colour except blackMsPsylocke10/29/2013 6:01AM

emerald green, charcoal, and plum.arianell10/29/2013 5:37AM

B_Phlyy10/29/2013 3:19AM

navy and purple/plumsreyes2110/29/2013 2:15AM

purples, dark blues, greens, greysnoopie310/29/2013 1:25AM

Brown, bronze, navyabbygal10/29/2013 1:02AM

Navy! :) It brightens up the whites of my eyes and makes my dark brown eyes pop.papierflora10/29/2013 12:44AM

dark brown, navy, purple/plum outdoorsgal10/29/2013 12:35AM

Matte dark brown and PAHRPALpencilpleat10/29/2013 12:17AM

teal/metallic bluehAy_GUiSe10/28/2013 11:48PM

I have 3 UD ones that are aqua/bluegreen/teal and I never use them LOLorenjinominh10/28/2013 11:52PM

BB inks in espresso, chocolate shimmer, bronze shimmer, black plum and black mauvepetagirl10/28/2013 11:46PM

oh and MAC powersurge petagirl10/28/2013 11:47PM

Black-brown, brown, grey, navy, green, Clinique Egyptian ohana610/28/2013 11:45PM

perfumista110/28/2013 11:43PM

purple , blue , and nudedianaisabel10/28/2013 11:37PM

Navy, Purple, Green, Olive, BronzeRedHeDD10/28/2013 11:37PM

Navy and Brownpattyk10/28/2013 11:34PM

Nude & very dark brownkookiekathleen10/28/2013 11:32PM

Light beige/nude for inner rim for me too~existinggg10/28/2013 11:32PM

Dark plum, dark forest greenCanAdaBaNaDa10/28/2013 11:32PM

dark chocolate brown and a medium neutral brownverymilky10/28/2013 11:29PM

also burgundyverymilky10/28/2013 11:29PM

ALL OF THEM.kmbirkel10/28/2013 11:29PM

2nd :)Elliecat10/28/2013 11:29PM

bronze, gold, teal, golden brown, copper, black brown, gray, plum +laurenli10/28/2013 11:28PM

chocooate brown with a touch of sparkleJohnna112310/28/2013 11:27PM

Chocolate brown, Charcoal greyandiee092910/28/2013 11:25PM

A deep but vibrant teal like Sephora Surfer Babepulsesync10/28/2013 11:25PM

teal, purples,navyrayoflight12110/28/2013 11:25PM

Black lol I wouldn't dear try another color, I'm MU boringpetitepunk910/28/2013 11:25PM

dark brown and bronze for me!existinggg10/28/2013 11:24PM

navy and plumdojx10/28/2013 11:23PM

2ndclarissa9010/28/2013 11:25PM

No black for me. Gray, navy, dark brown.noseofbLue10/28/2013 11:23PM

navy, brown, tealbarbiedlux10/28/2013 11:21PM

...oh, green is good toobarbiedlux10/28/2013 11:21PM

I forgot about green too! I like army greens with a little bit of shimmer/glitter!jamezbreh10/28/2013 11:21PM

ikr?? beautifulbarbiedlux10/28/2013 11:24PM

Navy Blue and Purple. I don't like browns much! =Djamezbreh10/28/2013 11:20PM

I don't like browns either! miranda2410/28/2013 11:22PM

Def go with Navy Blue and Green! I also like teals in the spring and summer! =Djamezbreh10/28/2013 11:23PM

Yes, I love navy, green, and teal :Dmiranda2410/28/2013 11:24PM