I want to stomp my feet and pout. I want the UD Mother Lode Eyeshadow Vault!!!

Sadly, cant afford... sometimes even this wont stop me from purchasing, which is worse. I found a way to get over $150 off but I still cant afford it! I am in total brat mode.

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expand whole threadI want to stomp my feet and pout. I want the UD Mother Lode Eyeshadow Vault!!!jadorenelle10/28/2013 10:54PM

ideally, I'd have 2 friends with totally diff skin tones from mine with whom I'd split the setsnoopie310/28/2013 11:51PM

I have that and more with all the UD palettes I have. Will never use up.thesavagefamily10/28/2013 11:18PM

2nd....just not full size. If they were new colors it would be so hard to skip!jakeysgirl10/28/2013 11:59PM

It looks so amazing but it would last a lifetime and 3 more generations after me :(orenjinominh10/28/2013 11:14PM

I know. Why is everything thats so purdy so 'spensive? Been watching I Love Lucy, forgive me.jadorenelle10/28/2013 11:16PM

It just seems like a crazy purchase unless I was a makeup artist+orenjinominh10/28/2013 11:20PM

i'd love to get it too! can't afford it either :( I know I'd use all the colors cus i wear any coloritsnotmakeupitsme10/28/2013 11:00PM

If it included the newest shades it would be a done deal.jadorenelle10/28/2013 11:11PM

It's over kill if you have a collection already. You will never use it and you will probably regretdropsofjupiter10/28/2013 10:59PM

I bought the eyeliner Vault earlier this year. Sold half, which paid for the half I kept. I am torn!jadorenelle10/28/2013 11:02PM

Oh I didn't know you could do that. I guess if you sell some it might make sensedropsofjupiter10/28/2013 11:03PM

DONT TELL ME THAT! loljadorenelle10/28/2013 11:10PM

Honestly, I think you can do better things with your moneydropsofjupiter10/28/2013 11:12PM

some part of me wants it. the rest of me doesn't know where I'd put it!subtlelikeatank10/28/2013 10:57PM

Would you REALLY use most of those a lot? I know I wouldn't caprig10/28/2013 10:55PM

I know I wouldnt but I could resell the ones I dont want to make the rest free for me...jadorenelle10/28/2013 11:01PM

Assuming someone would buy themcaprig10/28/2013 11:04PM

Blog sale ladies ate them up when I sold liners from the e/l Vault.jadorenelle10/28/2013 11:09PM

But you still have to lay out the money and if you don't have it don't do itdropsofjupiter10/28/2013 11:13PM

I have decided to not buy. =( jadorenelle10/28/2013 11:15PM