Slightly OT, but this is my home board: what's your favorite, SS-free, super-rich face cream?

I always use Avon Nurtura--I've gone through about 5 or 6 tubs already--but I want to try something a bit less basic, maybe even richer. For reference, it's a very thick, emollient, rich cream for dry skin, but it smooths in to my skin beautifully and is completely non-greasy after about a minute. The non-greasy, not-heavy-or-filmy aspect is REALLY important to me: I hate feeling like I have a film on my skin, and I wear glasses, so anything that stays slippery tends to gunk up the nose pads.

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expand whole threadSlightly OT, but this is my home board: what's your favorite, SS-free, super-rich face cream?kragey10/28/2013 10:21PM

Nuxe Comfort Cream or L'Occitane's Shea Face Cream. ROPlaurenmr198010/29/2013 2:19AM

Kiehls Ultra Facial Creamsprite2610/28/2013 11:41PM

I can't help ya for I use Nurtura myself and I really love itkahou7910/28/2013 11:13PM

I've heard good things about First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream as well! An SA just rec'd it to meen4210/28/2013 11:06PM

My mom has been raving about it after trying a sample of itcaprig10/28/2013 11:07PM

I just started using Neutrogena deep moisture night cream and I love itsaimiri92310/28/2013 11:00PM

LRP toleriane richeqwerty0010/28/2013 10:52PM

I actually have been using Primrose Oil and it absorbs fast w/o feeling greasy.meheeeen10/28/2013 10:39PM

Jason Vitamin E. I think I have the 25000 iu versioncawowinnose10/28/2013 10:35PM

The CeraVe in a tub may work for you too.chappiette10/28/2013 10:31PM

love the cerave creme in the tub, deeply moisturizing, not greasy (of course ymmv)amazydaizy10/28/2013 11:45PM

4th.en4210/28/2013 11:04PM

oddly I find the lotion more hydrating. the cream was thicker but drier somehow. +bulletprooph10/28/2013 10:57PM

the lotion or the PM? i love the PM and sometimes use it under the moisturizerexistinggg10/28/2013 11:10PM

not the pm, the regular lotionbulletprooph10/28/2013 11:12PM

the regular lotion breaks me out but YMMV!existinggg10/28/2013 11:26PM

totally agree! The cream seems to give me a more matte finish alsojbrennan10/28/2013 11:08PM

interesting!! I might try the lotion also!chappiette10/28/2013 11:02PM

3rdexistinggg10/28/2013 10:40PM

2nd. clogged me, but the formula/texture is amazeballsgizmorules10/28/2013 10:38PM

shi 'Bio-Performance' Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream 2crazycatladies10/28/2013 10:26PM

This one is so nice!chappiette10/28/2013 10:29PM

this one is so good too Benefiance WrinkleResist24' Night Cream $562crazycatladies10/28/2013 10:28PM

eucerin q10 creamjunglejim432210/28/2013 10:24PM

2ndemmamom10/28/2013 11:06PM

Yes to Blueberries night is nice, and Lancome Absolue or Renergie night are both nice r/ocaprig10/28/2013 10:24PM

bobbi brown extra repair (comes w/o spf) fashionista198410/28/2013 10:22PM