Guys, I finally bit the bullet and got my first set of ballz. They're mesmerizingly pretty. Now +

I'm going on a no-buy until at least January, possibly longer. Any hints/tips? I'm usually pretty good about these things but I've been really awful over the past month. I got a new job and I would really like to focus on building up my savings-- not buying makeup, clothes, or other pretty but ultimately not that important things. I'm budgeting for Christmas presents in December and a new pair of glasses in January, but other than that I want to try not to by anything at all, really. I'd love any advice from more seasoned and wise folk :) Thank you!

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expand whole threadGuys, I finally bit the bullet and got my first set of ballz. They're mesmerizingly pretty. Now +en4210/28/2013 9:34PM

Wow, I really admire your goals! Stay strong!francoamerica10/29/2013 4:31AM

Oh yay!! I hope they make you feel beautiful and pampered. ++CarolineSwing10/28/2013 11:16PM

Thank you! I can't wait to put them on tomorrow :)en4210/28/2013 11:35PM

i think those are the biggest waste of money ever. reddbone10/28/2013 9:39PM

i agree imo so pretty though dreamonnnnnn10/28/2013 10:39PM

Eh, to each their own :) I think they're beautiful, both packaging and product wise. I keep my +en4210/28/2013 9:59PM

Exactly! And if a girl can't splurge from time to time, what's the point? CarolineSwing10/28/2013 11:18PM

stay off the boards and shopping sites...only thing that workseternalstarangel10/28/2013 9:38PM

I think you're probably right. Well, I'll be pretty busy with my new job, so hopefully it'll take +en4210/28/2013 9:58PM

Which ballz did you end up with? I actually enjoy having them so much r/ocaprig10/28/2013 9:36PM

Which didn't you like?SparklyIsMyFavoriteColor10/28/2013 10:01PM

You mean Christmas sets I might return?caprig10/28/2013 10:10PM

Yes, I'm still lemming some so wondering which ones are duds.SparklyIsMyFavoriteColor10/28/2013 10:13PM

Bite double end lipsticks ($38 set), a np from the X collex, and sheesh, forgot the other thing!caprig10/28/2013 10:22PM

The only way to make them work for me is their base and cleanse coatcaprig10/28/2013 10:57PM

I got one of those polishes, too, a duochrome one. It was a pain to apply, kept pulling the color upSparklyIsMyFavoriteColor10/28/2013 10:29PM

Ahh, that's good to hear! I got the Teint Rose. I'm so excited by them! +en4210/28/2013 9:57PM