Finally tried out WnW - got a trio and bronzer, love! What are your favs from WnW (specifics)?


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expand whole threadFinally tried out WnW - got a trio and bronzer, love! What are your favs from WnW (specifics)?tpzhearts8/15/2013 3:19AM

Knock on Wood, Silent Treatment triosnekomobile8/15/2013 8:43PM

the Fergie lipsticksfrugalwitch8/15/2013 1:40PM

Brle e/s single, Reseve your cabana highlighter is the best ever! Imo. trisheee8/15/2013 12:48PM

Coverall cream foundation, Megalast NP and lipstickScruffy8928/15/2013 11:04AM

Wet N Wild Coverall Lms5268/15/2013 10:33AM

I just started using the Coverall pressed powder this summer and I'm loving it.habana8/15/2013 9:55AM

Comfort Zonesherylhazel8/15/2013 9:24AM

I love their cherry bomb lipstickpetitepunk98/15/2013 7:46AM

Wnw nailpolishes r good.rapunzel18/15/2013 6:52AM

2nd. Their $.99 Wild Shine polishes are my favoritehabana8/15/2013 9:54AM

blush (heather silk, berry shimmer), lipstick (sugar plum fairy, stoplight red), black e/l pencilgizmorules8/15/2013 6:26AM

Salsa lessons ls is so great <3amazydaizy8/15/2013 5:22AM

I have a l/s in It's A Girl & like it a lot. Also like their e/s singles in Brulee and Nutty.bluejean028/15/2013 5:05AM

Walking on eggshells trio. Picked this up recently, so pretty!walkofshame8/15/2013 4:17AM

Also the mega last l/s in several shades-rosebud, wine room,, etc.walkofshame8/15/2013 4:19AM

Comfort zone palette, the light bronzer (forget #/name), the pressed ++SoPolished8/15/2013 3:59AM

Nutty, Black polish, under your spell polish. I dislike bright polishes and wnw one are almost all +vancandy8/15/2013 3:39AM

Under Your Spell is gorgeous! Love WnW polishes :-)TennGirl098/15/2013 9:59AM

they always have a few great ones in the LE collexSoPolished8/15/2013 4:00AM

Nutty, Brulee, Envy, Kitten single e/s, Comfort Zone palette, Silent Treatment, I'm Getting ++FreddieR8/15/2013 3:29AM

I have brulee and am about to hit pan! I love that e/s!latoyaoneall8/15/2013 7:47AM

2nd. Never realized how much stuff i liked from wnw!101alexis8/15/2013 7:17AM

yes! the blushes....forgot those...SoPolished8/15/2013 4:00AM

Comfort Zone Palette, Megaline l/l, Megalast Lipsticks in Rosebud, Red Velvet, Cherry Bombalexsauce8/15/2013 3:26AM

Silent Treatment is my very fave! I also like the Nude Awakening palette. countrypearls8/15/2013 3:23AM

wet n wild coverallseajewel8/15/2013 3:23AM