Probably better on the MUB but I am a bit more comfy here, I broke the Pantone matcher at Sephora++

Well, didn't *break* it, but got the lowest possible/palest colour score the thing does. 1y01. >.<

So I have computer proof it's IMPOSSIBLE to find cosmetics that match me as well as ANY blemishes (right now ALL OVER. OMG how terrible are EAR ZITS?!) are like shining beacons in the snow. LOL. *sigh*

I don't actually wear SS (I rarely leave the house) but white cast clearly is not an issue, heh.

Sooo... Any other pasty white skinboarders? What kinda stuff do you use for redness?

Any white (physical only, please, chems make me rashy) sunscreens to recommend?

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expand whole threadProbably better on the MUB but I am a bit more comfy here, I broke the Pantone matcher at Sephora++subgirl8/14/2013 9:04PM

Skin issuesziggymama9/6/2013 1:54PM

re. white/untinted physical-only sunscreens++gingerrama8/15/2013 2:27PM

Ooohhhhh excellent thank you!! *overflowing notes* This is what I was hoping for!subgirl8/15/2013 3:31PM

Here's a link to swatches of pale foundations (I'm pale too)+Mommyandmore8/15/2013 10:21AM

Ah thank you! I had seen the first one (have screenshots saved lol) but not the others, thank you!subgirl8/15/2013 3:29PM

Skinceutical's Sheer Physical perfect for Casper whites :Psuchetab8/15/2013 9:46AM

Not sure if it already was posted but Face Atelier also has a white foundation +elf_1078/15/2013 4:41AM

2nd; and that white can be mixed with #1 Porcelain for shades from NW10 down++gingerrama8/15/2013 2:21PM

Hi Gingy! Did your skin agree with this stuff? I'm trialling it now and curious how you fared ++elf_1078/15/2013 6:48PM

OHhhhh yeah! I had run across them in searching awhile back. Need to look again. Thank you!subgirl8/15/2013 4:44AM

you rarely leave the house? really?ratzafratzazippitydo8/15/2013 4:08AM

oops nvm its pretty obv that you do, sowwyratzafratzazippitydo8/15/2013 4:09AM

Not sure what obvs means? But I do mention that I have (non-skin) related health issues+ subgirl8/15/2013 4:26AM

I have info on my notepad about rosacea products that may help your redness.junomacguff8/15/2013 12:18AM

Thx. Naked is too dark, but haven't tried the others. Will chk np thx! subgirl8/15/2013 4:34AM

I am too white for dept store foundations, but LOVE Almia, if you're up for a mineral/powder...++jamesie8/14/2013 11:01PM

2nd Meow and Alima, also Silk Naturals: far greater & more adjustable range of shades (SN infinite)gingerrama8/15/2013 2:22PM

I had a bad experience with retail MMU but! +subgirl8/14/2013 11:11PM

Meow Cosmetics is an indie m/u company with very pale shades. They also have a white to mix in. ++vancandy8/14/2013 11:33PM

I'd recommend the Meow Cosmetics. Better quality and wear for me than any "commercial" MMUmbminx8/15/2013 8:13AM

I have dry (& fuzzy) skin that hasn't done well w/ the 2 I've tried but I'm always in for samples txsubgirl8/14/2013 11:51PM

Someone on the board has a great np for pale skins. I just can't remember who!!denvergal8/14/2013 10:33PM

Ahhh! Well if you remember let me know LOL :Dsubgirl8/14/2013 11:05PM

Lizzy28 supposedly. There's a conversation about pale foundation on MUB going on right now. Link +mariqueen8/14/2013 10:44PM

That's the one. Link to her np ++denvergal8/14/2013 11:10PM

Oh, thx! It happens every few months it seems, but will pop over, thx!subgirl8/14/2013 11:06PM

there are lots of good matches for 1Y01, actually :) +laurenli8/14/2013 10:31PM

Reformulated? Boo!junomacguff8/15/2013 12:19AM

Zuzu Luxe has a very pale foundation. You can get it at Whole Foods.lisamims18/14/2013 10:49PM

I'll take a look. I always pause by their cosmetics in store but haven't swatched any. Thx!subgirl8/14/2013 11:12PM

I got 9 matches & immediately could rule out 6 for being too dark IRL. >.< subgirl8/14/2013 10:41PM

+laurenli8/14/2013 10:51PM

Thx! The Kat Von D is all hilariously dark on me++subgirl8/14/2013 11:20PM

Hmm. I'm at a loss. +laurenli8/14/2013 11:50PM

Awww! Yeah I think it was CoverFX ++subgirl8/15/2013 12:44AM

Replenix ss spray is colorless. I think BurnOut's are, too.frckls8/14/2013 10:19PM

I actually meant that I like, or at least am pale enough that white cast doesn't matter+subgirl8/14/2013 11:26PM

pbi: I'm pale and use both these, the BurnOut Eco-Sensitive and the Replenix sheer physical spraygingerrama8/15/2013 2:23PM

and both are untinted; for a rough list of all-physical sunscreens, inc. which are untinted++gingerrama8/15/2013 2:25PM

Well IIRC you asked for physical, no? The ones board like here are Replenix, BurnOut and SCPF. +frckls8/15/2013 1:03AM

Ahhh I see. I assumed an assumption, is that double negative or twice as bad? +subgirl8/15/2013 4:42AM

I haven't tried SCPF, but I heard is tinted and if I'm not mistaken, suits NC/W15-20. I suppose +frckls8/15/2013 7:13AM

MUB would know more, but I think some people lighten their foundation by using something called +mariqueen8/14/2013 10:06PM

Yep. Have the ManicPanic, it's really powdery, just got the Illa one+subgirl8/14/2013 10:34PM

Cassi0peia just mentioned Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer. I've looked into SSE before and +mariqueen8/14/2013 10:40PM

I keep hearing about it. I think SpaceNK has KA? I'll have to pop by & see, thx for the info.subgirl8/14/2013 11:22PM

yup, illamasqua also makes an all white foundation for mixing ++cassi0peia8/14/2013 10:26PM

I've got 2 DD products & Just got Illa white+subgirl8/14/2013 10:40PM

how's the illa working for you?cassi0peia8/14/2013 10:54PM

Ah wow! +subgirl8/14/2013 11:48PM

Ahh! We have very similar skin issues it seems (+ more on S.nk)+subgirl8/15/2013 3:59PM

oops, forgot to include my ss ++cassi0peia8/15/2013 12:41PM

++cassi0peia8/15/2013 12:38PM

I will look for more sample options for the Keromask. I was looking at a place in LA I think+subgirl8/15/2013 12:56AM

also keromask sells sample kits for $8 + shipping so it should be less than 30 to try ++cassi0peia8/15/2013 12:07AM

the pro full coverage is for sale on their website to non-pros if that helps! good luck!cassi0peia8/14/2013 11:53PM

I think MAC also has a white foundation.mariqueen8/14/2013 10:21PM