Deep down my style is boho, tribal, along those lines, but i cant see myself looking good +

Actually dressing like it. But, I will corporate boho jewelry like hand flower/slave bracelets, knuckle rings, stuff like that

Hopefully it goes with the style i have now...which is? Lol

Any suggestions? Thoughts?

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expand whole threadDeep down my style is boho, tribal, along those lines, but i cant see myself looking good +oneday57/27/2013 10:38PM

Do you mean like Vanessa Hudgens? Her style is very boho chicboha7/29/2013 4:39PM

yesoneday57/29/2013 5:11PM

lol superbass ur always good for a gigglePigglyWiggly7/28/2013 5:47AM

What does "tribal" mean to you? ropreptilegrrl7/28/2013 4:17AM

That's an excellent post.artbabe7/28/2013 12:01PM

ITA - and great linkgizmorules7/28/2013 9:33AM

i understand now thanksoneday57/28/2013 8:04AM

Great replynekochama7/28/2013 7:36AM

Thanks for posting the link. As someone with indigenous roots, I too question ++CrisAlex7/28/2013 7:11AM

love this gingerkitten7/28/2013 5:47AM

Have you checked out the RL Denim & Supply line? Here's a link for inspiration:pecker7/28/2013 1:43AM

i likeoneday57/28/2013 2:30AM

now all i need is to be gorgeous and skinny and tall :poneday57/28/2013 2:32AM

perfumista17/27/2013 11:07PM

that does but i feel like i dont have that natural lookoneday57/27/2013 11:15PM

i just tried googling and couldnt find those looks just her face loloneday57/27/2013 11:19PM

perfumista17/27/2013 11:21PM

thanks. what do you mean by sporty?oneday57/27/2013 11:23PM

you seen me in that? loloneday57/27/2013 11:33PM

perfumista17/27/2013 11:24PM

perfumista17/27/2013 11:18PM

sporty? how?oneday57/27/2013 11:19PM

What do you mean by native American?Lelia47/27/2013 11:06PM

Thank you!reptilegrrl7/28/2013 4:19AM

2nd. I don't consider a culture a style. makeupjunkie4527/27/2013 11:18PM

Native Americans have a really strong style.calisteph67/28/2013 1:04AM

What is that supposed to mean? reptilegrrl7/28/2013 4:18AM

i knowoneday57/28/2013 1:09AM

i mean tribal..oneday57/27/2013 11:19PM

I see, sorry.makeupjunkie4527/27/2013 11:31PM

like tribaloneday57/27/2013 11:14PM