fun poll: If I could never use ___ again, I'd be ok with it. (Must be something you use, lol) Thnx!


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expand whole threadfun poll: If I could never use ___ again, I'd be ok with it. (Must be something you use, lol) Thnx!mg847/27/2013 10:27PM

foundation and powder loltsh827/28/2013 3:10AM

Finishing powderMarieQ7/28/2013 1:29AM

brow pencil/powderchocolatedippedstrawberri7/28/2013 1:02AM

Mascara shauneexo7/28/2013 12:27AM

Highlighter (though I don't use it for everyday)skwerlie7/28/2013 12:02AM

HighlighterSaraBelle137/27/2013 11:43PM

Lipstick- lip products are my least favorite. They used to be my favorite when I didn't know how to+alli9117/27/2013 11:39PM

lip linerunderdreamskies7/27/2013 11:19PM

Thisfeligreen7/27/2013 11:41PM

ohhh this probablyCecee7/27/2013 11:22PM

omg im sitting here thinking so hard hahahahaha i guess mu wipesCecee7/27/2013 11:15PM

Bottom Lashline e/l. I am becoming more and more sensitive to itleeleebell7/27/2013 11:07PM

2nddivinei7/28/2013 1:44AM

Traditional foundation brushMissAshleyBeth7/27/2013 10:58PM

undereye primer joyousjoy887/27/2013 10:53PM

Lipstickgenarod7/27/2013 10:52PM

Touch-up powder! Splee7/27/2013 10:45PM

lip linercaptainspaceburger7/27/2013 10:45PM

lip glossMimsy7/27/2013 10:42PM

^ccjcjl7/27/2013 10:49PM

3rdlashesandlace7/27/2013 11:59PM

blushjujubeeb7/27/2013 10:40PM

Toneremmamom7/27/2013 10:33PM

concealeritsnotmakeupitsme7/27/2013 10:32PM

EyelinerCaramellane7/27/2013 10:31PM

eyelash primerraregem7/27/2013 10:31PM

thermal water spray (I use it to take away the powderiness,but wanna get a real fixing spray anyway)Vedra7/27/2013 10:29PM

Eyelash curler. Airam077/27/2013 10:29PM

mascaraLms5267/27/2013 10:28PM