Does anyone on this board have 5K or 10K Sephora points and going to try for their "big" perks? ++

I just saw what they're offering on and cannot fathom someone having 10,000 points in their account

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expand whole threadDoes anyone on this board have 5K or 10K Sephora points and going to try for their "big" perks? ++ chirdia7/27/2013 9:53PM

5,000 points for a Benefit wax? It costs 20 bucks at Ulta!amlheureux7/28/2013 1:03AM

it's for you and ten of your friends, i think. which means it costs $200chirdia7/28/2013 12:53PM

and all guests get bags of full sized products...chirdia7/28/2013 12:56PM

The most points I've seen someone have was over 12k loltrixity7/28/2013 12:34AM

whoa!chirdia7/28/2013 12:54PM

Wow some of those are pretty cool but still, who spends that much at Sephora? Do points rollover?skwerlie7/28/2013 12:06AM

yeah you keep your points forever until you spend themchirdia7/28/2013 12:54PM

literally can't imagine itgizmorules7/27/2013 11:54PM

Crazyrugby7/27/2013 11:24PM

I hate Sephora. Would much rather shop at Nordstromdoublebreve7/27/2013 10:12PM

i love nordstrom but unfortunately they don't carry some of the brands i like that are at sephorachirdia7/27/2013 10:17PM

none of those perks are worth the points imojoyousjoy887/27/2013 10:11PM

you don't think so? i would trade 5K points for a flight, stay in hotel, meals, some weird "fun"+chirdia7/27/2013 10:16PM

I agree. when you look at the 500 point perks, these are def. 10x as goodRThorn7/27/2013 10:23PM

idk. if you save up for a couple years- who knows!cjm5177/27/2013 9:55PM

haha i guess i just remember seeing polls on here and the higher numbers are still sub-5K, i thinkchirdia7/27/2013 10:05PM

so i'm curious if someone on here DOES have 5K, are they going to try to get one of those tripschirdia7/27/2013 10:07PM