Visiting from cafe: help! All sunscreen makes my eyes go insane. I'm using Cerave AM now, or

Garnier BB cream, and both make my eyes water like a crazy person, even if I put it nowhere near them. Can anyone help? I need sunscreen. But I need eyes, too!

What do you suggest that wont make my eyes go bonkers?

Thanks in advance!

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expand whole threadVisiting from cafe: help! All sunscreen makes my eyes go insane. I'm using Cerave AM now, or jane803again7/27/2013 9:30PM

I use Cotz Face and have no reaction to it but+bobbywoo7/28/2013 10:43AM

2nd! Cotz Face is only thing I can use in my eye area, too.++GIGIQUE7/28/2013 1:46PM

All sunscreens do that to me too. Lots of moisturisers do as well. Doesn't +JoshuaP7/28/2013 1:29AM

Same. I am very reactive to everything in my eye regionchippoman817/28/2013 1:14PM

I use Clarins eye SPF. It's physical and I love it!lilchinita7/27/2013 11:26PM

Try using a lip balm w/ physical SPF around your eyes. Yes to Carrots makes a really good SPF 15 ++mariqueen7/27/2013 10:54PM

2nd: rec BurnOut or Elemental Herbs, ZnO again, but SPF30+gingerrama7/28/2013 2:11PM

My eyes are also sensitive, I bought a nice pair of RayBan's I wear everywhereitsonlyajob7/27/2013 10:02PM

2nd. i can't use any SS on eye area, physical or chemical. i love my ray bansgizmorules7/28/2013 12:09AM

3rd sunglasses 8)gingerrama7/28/2013 2:11PM

Try replenix sunscreen spray. It's awesome edit: addinglemonz4us7/27/2013 9:59PM

Bioderma Photoderm MAX Lait/Milk works for me in cooler weather, and a good Japanese ss ROPsniffer7/27/2013 9:45PM

Chemical ss does that to my eyes. missbetty1237/27/2013 9:35PM

Can you suggest a non chemical one?jane803again7/27/2013 9:48PM

Aluminium Foil.Nitromusk7/27/2013 9:54PM

hahahahahahaight7/27/2013 11:21PM

2ndbarcelonababy7/27/2013 9:41PM

3rd. Look for ZnO/TiO2 based ss.meggan8087/27/2013 10:03PM

4thUpErMei7/27/2013 10:27PM