What are your favorite Revlon Lip Butter shades (can you also describe)? TIA!!


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expand whole threadWhat are your favorite Revlon Lip Butter shades (can you also describe)? TIA!!missingmybaby7/27/2013 6:55PM

Berry Smoothie- Subtle, neutral pink with a hint of shimmer.amlheureux7/27/2013 11:38PM

Cotton candy. A cool, blue toned baby pink w slight shimmergenarod7/27/2013 8:51PM

Wild Watermelon (reddish pink), Pink Truffle (nude/pink MLBB), Juicy Papaya - bright coral pinkbrianne11147/27/2013 8:46PM

Juicy Papaya- a medium bright coral, Peach Parfait- peachy MLBB (PP makes my lips look PLUMP!)sarahfeeni7/27/2013 8:30PM

Fig--a lovely sheer wine, Wild Watermelon--bright corally red (God BLESS this shade! Love it!)bijou77/27/2013 7:38PM

Berry Shimmer. Sugar Plum. Juicy Papaya. Candy Apple.drugstorediva37/27/2013 7:36PM

Candy Apple--a sheer red with a slight touch of orange. good on lips that other reds turn pink onsurrealmeal7/27/2013 7:12PM

Leaves the most GORGEOUS stain behind too, so long lasting :)bijou77/27/2013 7:37PM

Juicy Papaya...a light peachy apricot. beautifuljuliet77817/27/2013 7:12PM

I love Peach Parfait (peachy tone), just hate the shimmer sadlyFreddieR7/27/2013 7:10PM

Same, I wish it was sans shimmer!pca05KAT7/27/2013 7:11PM

3rd. The shimmer killed this for metiso7/27/2013 7:27PM

Candy apple, Red velvet, Fig, and Sugar plumwalkofshame7/27/2013 7:09PM

wild watermelon - almost exact to VG Cyndifacesbyj7/27/2013 7:07PM

:-Opca05KAT7/27/2013 7:10PM

Creme Brulee (nude), Sugar Plum (soft plum MLBB) and Lollipop (fuschia with purple shimmer).HelloKinky7/27/2013 7:07PM

Juicy Papaya-- soft coral... I've had most of them and it's the only one I liked well enough to +++kaykre7/27/2013 7:06PM

I heart juicy papayasarahfeeni7/27/2013 8:31PM

Pink Truffle, Red Velvet, Berry Smoothie, & Tutti Frutti eta: Raspberry PieHeavensDevil7/27/2013 7:01PM

Oh I see, I would probably choose this one if I bought a lip butterkself7/27/2013 8:24PM

Pink Truffle (MLBB), Candy Apple (warm sheer red), Wild Watermelon (sheer juicy pinky red)cilucia7/27/2013 7:00PM

peach parfait - shimmery glossy peachy pinklaurenli7/27/2013 6:57PM

Red Velvet (dark red), Lollipop (bright pink), Tutti Frutti (medium orange)RayvnNA7/27/2013 6:57PM

Red Velvet sounds pretty. Is there a darkish berry one?sarahfeeni7/27/2013 8:31PM