FOTDs and holiday pics from Hanoi, Vietnam :) ++ (very pic heavy!)

Haiii MUB! I've been gone for aaages, and thought I'd return with some holiday FOTDs and pics a la Laitae. :)








Capsule holiday makeup:

Base: Shu Nobara in 564, set with Guerlain Pressed Meteorites in Teint Beige. I used UD setting spray on top but I think it broke me outů :/
Cheeks: Pink Ice from Sleek's Pink Sprint trio, and MGPIN contour powder.
Eyes: L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic and Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner in Black. I wore Chanel Moon River in the first two photos.
Lips: 1) Revlon Sweet Tart, 2) Maybelline Shocking Coral, 3) SUQQU CG 18

And here are some pics from my birthday trip to Hanoi :)

Golden Turtle Tower in Hoan Kiem Lake. They have an Arthurian legend where a sword emerged from the lake but this time twas not a bedraggled lady but a golden turtle who proffered the sword. :


Part of a 1-day trip to Hoa Lu Tam Coc. A much less touristy but equally beautiful sight compared to Ha Long Bay (not that I've been but that was what I was told):





A hilarious store sign and FOOD:



Hope you enjoyed these photos, and sorry for spamming you all! I am surprised that I don't look sweatier than I do in these pictures; the humidity was ridiculous. I did have to touch up a lot during the day due to sweating profusely but apart from that the makeup held up well. I do quite enjoy the Shu foundation as it's very easy to apply and a great match for my skintone. I didn't bring any concealer and it did a very good job at hiding my red acne scars and volcanic eruptions. :)

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expand whole threadFOTDs and holiday pics from Hanoi, Vietnam :) ++ (very pic heavy!)ivresse7/9/2013 6:42AM

Thank you for posting these!GlassamerWings7/10/2013 4:51AM

Loving shocking coral on you! what is your MAC skin tone?tpzhearts7/9/2013 12:35PM

Last time I checked, which was a while ago, I think I was around NC20 :) ivresse7/9/2013 8:48PM

These are wonderful!! What a beautiful place...and a beautiful face! :-) trisheee7/9/2013 11:05AM

Hehe, thank you! Hanoi was gorgeous. ivresse7/9/2013 9:52PM

Simply magnificent.Nikki_L7/9/2013 10:41AM

Aww. Thanks Nikki :)ivresse7/9/2013 9:51PM

Amazing! Thanks for posting!fechenwiesen7/9/2013 10:25AM

You're welcome! :) thanks very muchivresse7/9/2013 9:51PM

Best toilet in town! Lol. And i like that cool old man with his ciggieblooiejagwa7/9/2013 9:49AM

Hehe. Initially they were both taking pics of each other and looked hilarious ivresse7/9/2013 8:52PM

Your look gorgeous, hun! Looks like a good time in Vietnam! :Dspookydeuce7/9/2013 9:49AM

Thanks hun! Have fun at your wedding :) :) :) can't wait to see photos!ivresse7/9/2013 8:54PM

Wow, love all those pictures. My adopted brother is from Vietnam and we'd love to visit. Great ++melissap17/9/2013 9:39AM

Wow. Whereabouts is your brother from? I really enjoyed my visit, the people were incredibly friendlivresse7/9/2013 8:53PM

MUrascal7/9/2013 9:30AM

Oh me too! Makes me wonder what all other toilets are like, haha.ivresse7/9/2013 9:47PM

Thanks for sharing, these are great pics.Dying laughing @ the toilet sign!alli9117/9/2013 9:14AM

Hahaha. Glad you liked them! XDivresse7/9/2013 9:49PM

Thanks lovelies!! I had a load of fun and ate my weight's worth of Pho. :)ivresse7/9/2013 9:06AM

Best toilet in town, eh? That's a pretty lofty proclamation!lotusblossoms7/9/2013 8:59AM

Haha I know right? I looked at all other toilets with a strange curiosity after that.ivresse7/9/2013 8:50PM

wow, awesome pictures. Happy birthday :D Duckies!!!vampiressrevenge7/9/2013 8:58AM

I took way too many duck photos! And then later I saw wild duck on the menu and had a sad :(ivresse7/9/2013 8:50PM

I really want to go to VietNam!patricew7/9/2013 8:24AM

You look awesome! Lovely pics, it looks like you had a lot of fun :)krsn897/9/2013 8:05AM

Thanks, and yes I most certainly did! :)ivresse7/9/2013 9:48PM

cool pix..thanks for sharing and you looked GREATskelsey7/9/2013 7:50AM

Aww thank you! Glad you enjoyed the photos :)ivresse7/9/2013 9:45PM

Awesome! Happy Birthday!!! :)bergamott7/9/2013 7:40AM

Thanks Bergamott!! The trip was an early birthday present; my actual bday is sometime next week. :)ivresse7/9/2013 8:57PM

You look great! Happy Birthday! Ha Noi is beautiful, spent some time there a few years ago...kcap7/9/2013 7:39AM

Thank you! :) oh really? The destination was a surprise to me and I absolutely loved it there.ivresse7/9/2013 8:56PM

You look great! Awesome pics - love the one w/ ducks, LOL at the toilet one ++islander3067/9/2013 7:25AM

Oh definitely do try and visit. I didn't do anything too touristy and spent a week roaming aroundivresse7/9/2013 8:51PM

Amazing photos. Must have been a fantastic trip. Congrats and Happy Birthday! virtualMia7/9/2013 7:20AM

Yes it was a wonderful trip. Thanks so much!!ivresse7/9/2013 8:56PM