What's a very mattifying foundation for EXTREMELY oily skin? Revlon colorstay breaks me rop

out because of how heavy it is and everything seems to separate on my face :/

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expand whole threadWhat's a very mattifying foundation for EXTREMELY oily skin? Revlon colorstay breaks me ropcinn0m0r0ll7/9/2013 1:24AM

I have to get my skin care right before I add my foundation+++beaniewienie7/9/2013 10:42AM

Thanks so much for the help! :Dcinn0m0r0ll7/9/2013 5:23PM

MAC ProlongwearMUrascal7/9/2013 9:34AM

Just use Milk of Magnesia as your primer...Greengrasshopper42457/9/2013 9:13AM

By Terry Cover Expert is super lightweight and matte.iceburger7/9/2013 8:20AM

I would recommend a mattifying primer and then you can wear something lighterBespokePsychopath7/9/2013 1:43AM

You also might want to go to cosdna.com and figure out which ingredient it is that is++mellifera7/9/2013 12:45PM

I totally agree with this. I also have ridiculously oily skin and ++krsn897/9/2013 8:13AM

any recs?cinn0m0r0ll7/9/2013 3:11AM

2nd. I HATE oil control foundations. They are thick and don't actually control oil r/oRayvnNA7/9/2013 2:47AM

HG Immaculatesaarahkb47/9/2013 1:37AM

I found this highlighted pores and dry bits. No use for me. :-(susimoo7/9/2013 7:34AM

2ndmissusjones7/9/2013 4:40AM

Try Covergirl Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation. It controls oily skin and hasn't broken out my ++ reneemeraz5107/9/2013 1:34AM

The Covergirl 3 in 1 Foundation is great for oily skin. No breakouts for meRosieJ7/9/2013 12:04PM

I'm oily and I like the Tarte Amizonian Clay fdtn. My skin seems to like it too - lisr7/9/2013 8:55AM

It broke me out also :(cinn0m0r0ll7/9/2013 3:06AM

2nd this :)starlesssky3867/9/2013 2:11AM

ELDW?cjm5177/9/2013 1:28AM

i had the same results as cs :( really heavycinn0m0r0ll7/9/2013 1:29AM

have you addressed your skin issues? why is your skin so oily?cjm5177/9/2013 1:30AM

i have oily acne prone skin and heavy foundations just clog it up. esp. silicone heavy foundationscinn0m0r0ll7/9/2013 3:08AM