can anyone recommend a pinky brown lipstick? ( im blonde fair blue eyes).. cant find the one! tia


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expand whole threadcan anyone recommend a pinky brown lipstick? ( im blonde fair blue eyes).. cant find the one! tiaprettybow7/9/2013 1:17AM

Tom ford pink adobegriff7/10/2013 5:02PM

Revlon lip butter in pink truffle alli9117/10/2013 9:03AM

Oops I see someone already rec'd this alli9117/10/2013 9:04AM

Clinique Butter Shine Pink ToffeeMRSLE7/9/2013 6:45PM

Too Faced La Creme in Nude BeachCailee7/9/2013 12:30PM

2nd this. ebijou7/10/2013 6:23PM

NARS Tolede, Dolce Vita or Tonkin, BB rose, brownie pinksarahfeeni7/9/2013 11:57AM

BB Brownie pink has been discontinuedNYCBeauty997/9/2013 1:11PM

Man, she keeps discontinuing my favorite products!!!sarahfeeni7/9/2013 10:41PM

Bobbi Brown BrownieNYCBeauty997/9/2013 9:52AM

2ndseasidemel7/11/2013 12:22AM

MAC Twig or Cosmoclairerenee7/9/2013 9:37AM

mac modestydzehnie7/9/2013 8:17AM

2nd...lovely shade10177/9/2013 8:40AM

3rd, love this oneebijou7/10/2013 6:24PM

NYX ThaliaNanRx7/9/2013 7:13AM

CG Lip Perfection in Sultrystarlesssky3867/9/2013 2:33AM

MAC Modesty & CosmoRosieJ7/9/2013 2:05AM

Mac patisseriemacwannab7/9/2013 2:00AM

2nd. my go to lip colorselena2487/9/2013 5:03AM

mac cosmobbybreanna7/9/2013 1:44AM

2nd cosmo (nyx tearose for dupe of it), faux, brave, modesty, twig, fanfaretsh827/9/2013 9:13AM

MAC Modesty pinkcupcake167/9/2013 1:39AM

Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Trufflepinkcupcake167/9/2013 1:38AM

Agree!! I personally think any skin tone can Rock this lippieaznmnkygrl8087/10/2013 6:02AM

This! I wear it over Lancome Le lipstick in CharmeGuysCallMeShawna7/9/2013 8:51AM

i agreemehays7/9/2013 9:07AM

MAC FanfareGuru4Reviews7/9/2013 1:21AM

I don't see the brown in this :-/pinkcupcake167/9/2013 1:39AM

NARS Tolede?mellody437/9/2013 1:18AM

This is GORGEOUS. sarahfeeni7/9/2013 11:56AM

Try nars dolce vitatokiomama7/9/2013 1:18AM

2ndsaraljane7/9/2013 1:37AM

3rd or Hourglass Frescomiranda247/9/2013 1:39AM

Revlon Rose Velvet for DSerstwhile7/9/2013 1:18AM

3rd - this is a match for the much-loved Rosy Nude that got dcrratstarr57/9/2013 8:45AM

2ndpinkcupcake167/9/2013 1:38AM