PS1 or Opelle Lotus - which bag do we like better? (pics)

I am lemming them both!


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expand whole threadPS1 or Opelle Lotus - which bag do we like better? (pics)gretchenebert5/15/2013 11:33AM

PS1!!!cccchloe5/15/2013 4:25PM

I don't understand the question. PS1 without a doubt.OneufaKnd5/15/2013 3:22PM

I was lemming the PS1 but I took a step back. For me, it wouldn't work. I see it katsey5/15/2013 2:50PM

ps1 no question at allmoosie5/15/2013 2:45PM

Lotus for sure...the PS1 looks so annoying to openlazylittlelady5/15/2013 1:51PM

it's not at all. I usually don't even latch it. the flap stays downdarklydreamingdexter5/15/2013 9:59PM

PS!Houston_We_Have_A_Problem5/15/2013 1:48PM

Opellekica5/15/2013 1:42PM

PS1ShadyPinesMa5/15/2013 1:36PM

PS1nocturnefata5/15/2013 1:09PM

I love my ps1, but the quality was not worth the price tag. I still prefer it over 2 though darklydreamingdexter5/15/2013 1:08PM

really? i was admiring the ps1, is it the leather?ExoticDreams5/15/2013 2:20PM

my main issue is how it's lost its structure over time. I've had mine about two years r/odarklydreamingdexter5/15/2013 6:28PM

PS1nekochama5/15/2013 1:07PM

opellegingerkitten5/15/2013 1:05PM

PS1 but I'm not lovin eitherbaglady_always5/15/2013 12:42PM

the PS1 if $ is not an issueCrisAlex5/15/2013 12:21PM

this doesn't require a 2nd thought for me - PS1dpchemd15/15/2013 12:10PM

PS1, I love that handbagsdsweetie5/15/2013 12:09PM

They are very different. That said, if someone was gifting one, I'd take a PS1.If I'm paying,Opellecwhf5/15/2013 12:07PM

PS1 by a lot. I don't like the seams on the Opelle at allBebeKitty5/15/2013 11:51AM

Opelle. I like the ps1 but it might be annoying function-wise pinkstarz5/15/2013 11:47AM

Ps1! (which reminds me of my sam edelman odette saddle bag)shedontusejelly5/15/2013 11:41AM

PS1 by a milestaya75/15/2013 11:39AM

PS1babiepug5/15/2013 11:34AM