How do you look without make up - be brutally honest. I look positively ill & like another person RO

It's mostly down to the dark eye circles which there is nothing I can do about. With concealer I look normal again & it brings my face out from looking "hollow" and sick & all the other features shine again.

I hate it when people criticise those that wear makeup everyday - some people have no choice, we actually look terrible & it makes us sad & leaves us feeling insecure in public.

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expand whole threadHow do you look without make up - be brutally honest. I look positively ill & like another person ROsugar8005/15/2013 11:26AM

beady eyed, chicken lipped,sallow ... like Jane Hathaway's twin sister!Carolinavixen5/17/2013 11:54PM

I've been told many times I shouldn't wear makeup!!! roVidaSuicide5/17/2013 5:51PM

blahrayoflight1215/17/2013 11:50AM

I just look plain and untidy, and my dark spots are my main issue.linachu5/17/2013 10:00AM

I'm only 23 but my dark circle is way bad like a granny :( I can't live without concealer!janepanda145/17/2013 5:42AM

i look the same except my dark circle makes me look tired sometimestsh825/16/2013 11:25PM

I look like a blank face chart. eeekfleshpot2155/16/2013 10:22PM

Just tired because i have no color on but really the sametokiomama5/16/2013 7:23PM

My skin itself glows but I have too dark circles and too many acne scars to go without at least bijoux275/16/2013 2:28PM

kikamadonna5/16/2013 2:17PM

sallow and dull.+sambalina825/16/2013 11:37AM

Washed out, ill, old. No kidding.angelheartschanel20095/16/2013 10:40AM

Really youngkeia11135/16/2013 7:38AM

Same here :)ShirleyJennifer5/16/2013 4:37PM

very young and ill/paleblacksheep62935/16/2013 4:31AM

Ugly, plain and tired. iceburger5/15/2013 6:40PM

tired or sickbigpinkbunny5/15/2013 4:42PM

Like I'm in middle school and less defined featuresdani2155/15/2013 3:13PM

This, and splotchy and tirednekomobile5/15/2013 10:27PM

Not that much different, really. Of couse I look better with...........who doesn't??drugstorediva35/15/2013 2:25PM

I seriously look like I'm about 15 years old; which isn't really a bad thing but I'm 31! ++vwzen815/15/2013 1:58PM

I look a little sleepy. Skin is in good shape, just mild redness/dark circles.paperalias5/15/2013 1:56PM

Old, washed out and tiredRedHeDD5/15/2013 1:43PM

perfumista15/15/2013 1:25PM

not great. my skin is clear and fair, but i have a lot of redness/broken caps. Plus eye bags. caitiebug5/15/2013 1:07PM

The cosmetics industry wouldn't be so lucrative if most women didn't +MUrascal5/15/2013 12:57PM

so so trueJBAngel15/18/2013 3:06AM

I suffer from acne and get the same remarks from people. I feel better with makeup on.arosa5/17/2013 5:18PM

I've grown more accustomed to how I look WITHOUT makeup than otherwise+ elizaberry5/15/2013 12:21PM

true that. a few days with zero makeup every now and then is necessary.. blooiejagwa5/15/2013 12:31PM

I look fine, I look like me.asjdfkl5/15/2013 12:18PM

So bad that people say "You look good in makeup!" when I wear it.CONOGirl5/15/2013 12:11PM

I think I look fine.lkruty5/15/2013 12:10PM

I am fair and hav uneven skin, acne scars.....glamourbytch5/15/2013 12:04PM

i look extremely young & like a burns victim if i've been attacking my spots :[[apricotcloud5/15/2013 11:59AM

With pale, translucent skin which has acne scarring and sparse brows, awful. saarahkb45/15/2013 11:58AM

Tired b/c of undereye circlesLiliVonSchtupp5/15/2013 11:57AM

Tired- uneven skintone/redness, dark circles.. I would go out w/o mu but I just don't feel 'me'kaatiex5/15/2013 11:56AM

Ugly death.cjcj5/15/2013 11:56AM

IMO, yuck! But some days I'm just too exhausted to careVioletOblivia5/15/2013 11:54AM

I have uneven skin tone (thanks to a lifetime of acne) and I have no color whatsoever +bipolar_express5/15/2013 11:50AM

I don't look better or worse. It's just a different look depending on +roxina5/15/2013 11:50AM

My eyes are even bigger fishbulbs, like gargantuan!!FreddieR5/15/2013 11:45AM

Like a mugshot. :(LFEIZGUD5/15/2013 11:45AM

I think I look good without, but mu is still a vast improvement.dreamsicle235/15/2013 11:42AM

the way I apply my MU there isn't a huge gap between MU and bare faceahousefellonmysister5/15/2013 11:41AM

I look younger without makeup on. I have scars/hyperpigmentation but still go +krsn895/15/2013 11:39AM

I feel like I look fine, though I certainly don't have perfect skin and do have dark circles.skwerlie5/15/2013 11:38AM

tired, blotchy, red, olddreamonnnnnn5/15/2013 11:37AM

Without absolutely nothing on I look awful. Very fair skin and eyelashes, fair eyes and pale lips. AngelicMaris5/15/2013 11:37AM

There is a choice, though. I used to have a strong m/u look all the time+aggrolounge5/15/2013 11:33AM

i used to pencil my brows and look REALLY different without too but now i go natural :]]apricotcloud5/15/2013 12:00PM

I agree- I dislike the idea that women HAVE to look nice (for men, but also for other women) ++skwerlie5/15/2013 11:40AM

yes! i have gotten nasty comments from women if i have minimal makeupblooiejagwa5/15/2013 12:30PM

Ofcourse there's a choice between wearing lots of strong makeup looks or natural, but ROPsugar8005/15/2013 11:39AM

tbh i would suggest that those who don't even feel human without mu seek counseling+bobloblaw5/15/2013 11:48AM

Agreed. Not feeling human can't be fun or +roxina5/15/2013 11:55AM

I'm just saying the more women who can go out like that and manage to keep their heads up, the more+aggrolounge5/15/2013 11:43AM

I agree with u, but guess I can only comment on how I feel NOW with mine &societys current standardssugar8005/15/2013 11:47AM

And tbh I don't know many people who look as bad without makeup - so I am the minority, therefore ROsugar8005/15/2013 11:48AM

second, the expectation of the baseline normal image is hugely disproportionate for women.golightly5/15/2013 11:45AM

thisapricotcloud5/15/2013 12:02PM

this this this this this. photoshop certainly does not help things either. bobloblaw5/15/2013 11:35AM

Likes this + your gif... :]aggrolounge5/15/2013 12:03PM

i look great tbh. i feel good about myself in and out of makeup+bobloblaw5/15/2013 11:33AM

Tired, red and blotchy. I look totally different w/o mu ondizzielittlerascal5/15/2013 11:32AM

My eyes seem dull and tiredchemhoney105/15/2013 11:31AM

I look blah and older w/o it. I still go without often because no one else caresshawntuhkye5/15/2013 11:30AM

Exactly this. I just need a little help to look more alivetightsweatergirl5/15/2013 12:38PM

I look tired and plain. vampiressrevenge5/15/2013 11:30AM

2ndRipsGirl5/15/2013 11:30AM

You can see all my scars, pregnancy spots and dark circles. Not pretty, not awful.Baldufita5/15/2013 11:30AM

This is me toowhooobie5/15/2013 11:38AM

pasty pale , people ask me if I am feeling ok tuts3115/15/2013 11:29AM

i look tiredblooiejagwa5/15/2013 11:29AM

not as good as when I wear mu...but I can/will go out in public bare facedzombieblush5/15/2013 11:27AM

Same. I won't prefer it, but sometimes I stop giving a damn. That being said, +lomelindi5/15/2013 11:29AM

Oh i'm not talking about that thread - I replied saying she's tragic myself. Just generally ROsugar8005/15/2013 11:32AM

This is a mu discussion board lol so I suspect the preachy is not herrivanabacowboy5/15/2013 11:36AM

Yes i'm not saying they're here - just talking about people in general!sugar8005/15/2013 11:39AM

Oh, I gotcha :) Sorry for the misunderstanding. In that case I agree. I am +lomelindi5/15/2013 11:49AM

This pretty muchivanabacowboy5/15/2013 11:28AM