Can someone give me step by step of how to do this makeup - I am in love

Especially the lips!!! I know its hard to see with the lighting but I like how the makeup looks with the lighting of this gif - thanks so much


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expand whole threadCan someone give me step by step of how to do this makeup - I am in loveremiharrison4/21/2013 12:44AM

This might help+aksharad4/21/2013 6:08AM

Well agree w all below but start w Indian wedding MU tutorials & be++Enkida4/21/2013 2:07AM

I think step 1 may be "be born with her fabulous face," unfortunately.salamanderempress4/21/2013 1:30AM

looks like brown-nude liner with a lighter nude blended in the center. finished off with gloss.Misschristie4/21/2013 1:07AM

she's so beautiful it's ridiculousthecharm4/21/2013 12:55AM

Sometimes I just want to punch her.kragey4/21/2013 1:01AM

fact. but i would feel so ugly while doing it.thecharm4/21/2013 1:05AM

looks natural to me, she's just beautiful, but eyes have double wing?Lynn20134/21/2013 12:50AM

Look up 'aishwarya rai makeup tutorial'hellothere20134/21/2013 12:50AM

Over lined lips, light gloss, winged liner and big lashes mikmik904/21/2013 12:47AM

Yeah but I'm bad with colors - do you know any specific products for the lips?remiharrison4/21/2013 12:50AM

Depends on your colouring but MAC Spice lip liner + any beige gloss mikmik904/21/2013 12:53AM

I feel like in normal lighting, the lips would be so over the top. :-/meghans42954/21/2013 12:45AM

PBI: In terms of gloss for this light, yes, but in daylight shots, they tone it down. This lookkragey4/21/2013 12:51AM

Ah, I have no idea where this is from so I wouldn't know.meghans42954/21/2013 2:16AM

Yeah I mean in this lighting it looks like some kind of darker nude lipliner, lighter nude lipstick/remiharrison4/21/2013 12:46AM