hmmmm what is ONE blush a pale/fair girl should have who isn't that into blush?


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expand whole threadhmmmm what is ONE blush a pale/fair girl should have who isn't that into blush?humbuggery4/21/2013 12:07AM

Stilla Hint. Fair, matte, neutral pink, beautiful, great reviewschayaNY4/22/2013 3:08AM

Lancome Miel Glace, it's quite neutral with some shimmer so you get some highlight too elisy4/21/2013 8:13AM

I love Benefit's Dandelion as a highlighter, with NARS Gaiety on the cheeks, esp in the winter. <sparkle01174/21/2013 7:52AM

Illamasqua Katie justlikehollywood4/21/2013 7:28AM

Mac well dressedagatka74/21/2013 4:38AM

2nd. And please pass on NARS Sex Appeal :)Cailee4/21/2013 10:26AM

Benefit Dandelion maybe?CherylR4/21/2013 3:28AM

This or I love Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink, gives a pretty natural flushEnglishRoseAmongThorns4/21/2013 6:22AM

Shi petal, KA dolline, Burberry blossom, it sort of depends +ladykolie4/21/2013 1:34AM

the one from the tarte lipstick tree set. And it comes with lg + ls.annietwinkletoes4/21/2013 12:33AM

Burberry Cameo? I'm NC25 and almost two light for me, but nice sweet mauveLynn20134/21/2013 12:30AM

2nd, I am N10 and love this color, really brings warmth to the face and does not overwhelmposhpepper4/21/2013 1:31AM

nars sex appeal.evildoctorporkchop4/21/2013 12:22AM

Nars Luster or Shi Carnation. End.ivanabacowboy4/21/2013 12:17AM

2nd NARS Lusteraggrolounge4/21/2013 12:30AM

Burberry Peonykatsey4/21/2013 12:16AM

tarte ac tipsylaurenli4/21/2013 12:15AM

Check out Silk Naturals blushes....i like/use almost all the vegan onesmakeupdiva234/21/2013 12:15AM

2nd. Great company. Samples are available of blushes/bronzers. nmautumn954/21/2013 8:31AM

Cargo Tonga *is broken record*Deanna24/21/2013 12:15AM

2ndsullivan4/21/2013 11:34PM

mac the perfect cheek. subtle but pretty and goes with everythanganonamizz4/21/2013 12:13AM

Tarte AC Natural Beautystarlesssky3864/21/2013 12:11AM

Yes, love this one. Use a light hand though!lotusgrrl4/21/2013 4:09AM

NARS Mata Hari...really versatile. One I keep going back to over the yearsdustgirl4/21/2013 12:11AM