The local Wal-Mart's cosmetic section got a partial makeover. New polish dispays!! ++


I think someone posted new displays a few days ago, but I was surprised that my store upgraded so soon. There are a ton of new nail products offered, and the displays are more organized and lighted. Also Salon Perfect and Sinful have their own spots (instead of end displays), and it looks like they have added a bunch of extra Pure Ice colors. Plus the Hard Candy display was fully stocked! I ended up getting a few despite my attempts at a low-buy.

The makeup junkie was also excited about the new selection of brushes, lash stuff, makeup removers, etc. I picked up some brush guards, which I thought I would never use until I got some in my Birchbox. Good job, Wally World! Now let's see how long it takes before it's all destroyed :/

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