RP for night crowd's input! Please recc me the best ORANGE lipstick you know of!!! I am in need.

Not orange-red; ORANGE!

And if you know of any sort-of lighter oranges, esp ones that come in a crelly/jelly formula, PLMK.

My current inspo FYT:


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expand whole threadRP for night crowd's input! Please recc me the best ORANGE lipstick you know of!!! I am in need.mewmewmow2/21/2013 9:29PM

Besame Carmine, MAC Morange, Revlon 24K orange, Revlon Orange flip +gcicero2/22/2013 1:42AM

cococh2/21/2013 11:56PM

MAC Morange is definitely orange.CeciliaLark2/21/2013 10:23PM

2ndRedHeDD2/21/2013 11:52PM

WnW Purty Persimmon, MAC Neon Orangechochang2/21/2013 10:21PM

Night crowd has the best reccs. :) *kisses u all**mewmewmow2/21/2013 10:15PM

sephora + pantone tangerine tango, if you can find :)kmbirkel2/21/2013 9:48PM

Orange Flip from Revlon100_Grand_Bar2/21/2013 9:46PM

The only oranges I have are guerlain RA 141 and fleur de feucaramellane2/21/2013 9:42PM

I would consider these more orange based coralscaramellane2/21/2013 9:43PM

GA lip maestro 300 flesh!!laurenli2/21/2013 9:42PM

NNNNNN IT IS GORGEOUS.mewmewmow2/21/2013 10:11PM

I'll be needing thissilencio2/21/2013 9:48PM

it's some orange-tastic awesomenesslaurenli2/21/2013 9:50PM

love that pic. i have the same coloring and i love orange l/s but i don't own any at present!?silencio2/21/2013 9:40PM

Me neither! ;( We must fix this.mewmewmow2/21/2013 10:16PM

its not orange orange but how about guerlain kiss kiss in mango shine? falafel_is_gr82/21/2013 9:34PM

wet n wild purty persimmon megalast -- swatch ++emisara2/21/2013 9:34PM

this and also wnw 24 carrot goldstormm2/21/2013 10:25PM

Revlon Sirenbijoux272/21/2013 9:31PM

I love and use this color. It's beautiful.abrad19672/21/2013 10:34PM

Pretty pretty. I actually don't own any DS MU... like at all lmao.mewmewmow2/21/2013 9:37PM

2ndromancerecited2/21/2013 9:35PM

I have one by Jordana,it's called Mango. It may not be super bright++justagirl272/21/2013 9:31PM

Shiseido Perfect Rouge in Tiger is GREAT orange+++koushi2/21/2013 9:31PM

THIS MIGHT BE THE ORANGE OF MY DREAMS. I didn't think it could exist. :D What is the finish on +mewmewmow2/21/2013 9:34PM

Cream!!!!!koushi2/21/2013 9:36PM

Want errythangthecharm2/21/2013 9:33PM

mac neon orange or morange.barbiedlux2/21/2013 9:31PM

I always think of this when people rec morange+ =) itsnotmakeupitsme2/21/2013 9:42PM

I just purged all my MAC lipsticks including these. D; Formula was just... I couldn't deal.mewmewmow2/21/2013 9:33PM

2nd morange. Crazy orange!jadesparrow922/21/2013 9:32PM