POLL: If you could magically poof any amount of weight from your body, how much would you poof away?


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expand whole threadPOLL: If you could magically poof any amount of weight from your body, how much would you poof away?MakeupalleyPollster2/10/2013 6:16PM

10 lbsSweetTeaAndKerouac2/11/2013 1:11PM

10fivezero2/10/2013 11:44PM

Half of it? AudB2/10/2013 11:38PM

I would like to relocate 5 lbs from my thighs to my boobs!viennah2/10/2013 11:32PM

5pounds aamen2/10/2013 11:22PM

30lbskself2/10/2013 11:18PM

5lbs.. Please and thank you!miss_shopalot2/10/2013 10:37PM

Just enough to rid myself of these love-handles.TeeBird2/10/2013 10:28PM

20lbs would be myperfect numberbrigittelelievre2/10/2013 9:53PM

15 - I have already recently lost 11xcessa2/10/2013 9:38PM

No actual lbs, but about 2% body fat lower would be nicerc6302/10/2013 9:02PM

I also must add the Mean Girls quote: "I wanna lose 3 pounds"rc6302/10/2013 9:02PM

About 15 pinkstarz2/10/2013 8:37PM

50. Susan2148A2/10/2013 8:32PM

I would only flatten my belly a littlexokeishaxo2/10/2013 8:19PM

Can I opt to rearrange the weight? I want less thigh and more boob. sweet_midori2/10/2013 7:57PM

This, but less tummy and more boob. And losing 10'would be mice, tooGalileosDaughter2/10/2013 9:35PM

This.urbanhibiscus2/10/2013 8:20PM

I'm 50ish and "muffin top" is the plague, I weight 152 and wish 15 lbs would disappear. Going to +sweetgardenangel2/10/2013 7:55PM

30 would be nice, but can't even get rid of the first 10 :(Lydlady2/10/2013 8:02PM

60 poundsCrazeeCat2/10/2013 7:51PM

I don't want to lose any, but I wish I could POOF 10 lbs from below my waist to my upper body.Sisterhazel2/10/2013 7:50PM

15 would be awesomemixedtape2/10/2013 7:35PM

sofaloaf2/10/2013 7:33PM

I think i would add a few pounds actuallymelissast2/10/2013 7:21PM

I'd be happy with 50!merryj2/10/2013 7:20PM

magically? 50! then i would eat back ten, LOLponeegryl2/10/2013 7:18PM

130naoma432/10/2013 7:15PM

2ndmolina12/10/2013 8:58PM

maybe 5. but realistically i don't think i even need to lose even that. being more toned would be +gogoamy2/10/2013 7:04PM

Same. Life happened and I miss being more tonedchayaNY2/10/2013 8:58PM

0, I'm happy with my size but I want to be more toned.stanton2/10/2013 6:44PM

Agree with this tooaamen2/10/2013 11:23PM

6th. i need to get my lazy self in gear and start working out/eating bettershamlet962/10/2013 11:00PM

this ^alg882/10/2013 6:54PM

3rd, MAYBE a couple lbs off but no more.halimeade2/10/2013 7:00PM

4thuponbluemoon2/10/2013 7:22PM

5th!LacquerLover2/10/2013 7:24PM

6th.chenchillaXchop2/10/2013 11:06PM

20 pounds. though 15 would look better.bedhead192/10/2013 6:40PM

7lbs. I'm trying sooooo hard too. glauren2/10/2013 6:37PM

20 lbs. Then I would be what I weighed in high school. I'd be happy with 15 though.pattyk2/10/2013 6:30PM

7 lbs. Or ideally, I'd stay the same weight but be less flabby.gconn2/10/2013 6:29PM

thisraissanina2/10/2013 7:26PM

sameshazi2/10/2013 8:30PM

20lbs. There's nothing worse than being short and fat :'(specialribbons2/10/2013 6:19PM

it is alot easier to look fat when you are not tallsolsticecusp2/11/2013 12:17AM

But... but... I'm short and fat and there are a lot more worse things.niftyba2/10/2013 9:49PM

SO many worse things and you aren't even close to being fat, good griefCrazeeCat2/10/2013 7:51PM

when you're young, i guess this seems like there could be nothing worse. gingerkitten2/10/2013 8:44PM

10kimd5072/10/2013 6:40PM

There are plenty of things worse than that, and you are not fat.pattyk2/10/2013 6:32PM

This. Nothing worse?!LacquerLover2/10/2013 7:25PM

You are NOT fat...!alguerin2/10/2013 6:22PM

10 lbsSplee2/10/2013 6:19PM

15 lbsputa12342/10/2013 6:17PM

2nd.Glamorous_2/10/2013 6:55PM