Gah, it took me an hour to do my MU this morning :( Concentrating has flippin drained me ++

No idea how I'm supposed to get through work whilst I'm still sick :(

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expand whole threadGah, it took me an hour to do my MU this morning :( Concentrating has flippin drained me ++FreddieR1/31/2013 4:13AM

:(((( phone it in for a while, bb! Your boss knows you're awesome when you're wellmadeupstories1/31/2013 5:44AM

big hugs :( mistnrain1/31/2013 4:34AM

*hugs* I declared it man flu :PFreddieR1/31/2013 4:43AM

it sounds like it! =( perhaps lots of green tea?mistnrain1/31/2013 4:53AM

*squishes* Feel better, babeh'. <3Airam071/31/2013 4:33AM

Thanks my lovely *hugs*FreddieR1/31/2013 4:44AM

Awwwe, M! I feel ya. This is why I am staying home another day.+Absalom1/31/2013 4:26AM

Gonna attempt it bb :( I need a new job me thinks... *clings* How are you feeling?FreddieR1/31/2013 4:29AM

Aww :( Sorry to hear you're not feeling well! *sending hugs your way* :)andreajunelle1/31/2013 4:22AM

Thank you :') *squishes*FreddieR1/31/2013 4:30AM

I hope you feel better soon! Being sick sucks :-(khara041/31/2013 4:21AM

It does suck, lol!! ThanksFreddieR1/31/2013 4:30AM

:( Feel better soon hun! *squish*toto8501/31/2013 4:18AM

*hugs* toto, this sucks :(FreddieR1/31/2013 4:20AM

D: Get well soon, Mira! Can't get the day off?tiinnhh1/31/2013 4:16AM

Tinh!!! Thanks, I've had Mon & Weds off... Still not even close to getting better but I don't + FreddieR1/31/2013 4:19AM

D: But you're sick! So sorry, bb. I know the feeling. Drink plenty of fluids at work today!tiinnhh1/31/2013 4:32AM

Yeah, I'm still in my first 3 month probation period... SUCKS!!FreddieR1/31/2013 4:34AM

((hugs)) tiinnhh1/31/2013 4:48AM

big big hugs!! drink lemsip!!delicatepost1/31/2013 4:15AM

I'm all lemsiped out D: *hugs* Gonna go in... Selling is what worries me ++FreddieR1/31/2013 4:18AM

go in.. maybe get a bit of fresh air. if you feel like ****e then just give them the ill dying look+delicatepost1/31/2013 4:23AM

Yeah, I'm gonna attempt it... The issue I have is that I spent all day Saturday at work throwing +FreddieR1/31/2013 4:28AM

where the heck you working?! I'll call them up & complain+delicatepost1/31/2013 4:43AM

oh ma gawd.. get out hun... or pack some tissues and lemsip sachets. keep popping pills all day!!delicatepost1/31/2013 4:47AM

delicatepost1/31/2013 4:47AM

delicatepost1/31/2013 4:47AM

Inbound sales agent in a call centre... They'll soon send me home once my conversion rate drops +FreddieR1/31/2013 4:45AM