FUUUUUUU... I hate you insomnia! Time for some midnight (morning?) hauling! What to get?


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expand whole threadFUUUUUUU... I hate you insomnia! Time for some midnight (morning?) hauling! What to get?tiinnhh1/31/2013 4:08AM

Chanel La Favorite! :Dtoto8501/31/2013 4:17AM

coral lippie?dlgdcpa1/31/2013 4:38AM

*nods* toto8501/31/2013 4:44AM

What's that? *haz been out of MU loop*tiinnhh1/31/2013 4:32AM

+++++++++++toto8501/31/2013 4:43AM

Oh, I think I've already swatched (and passed up on this) Is this the spring collex? LOLtiinnhh1/31/2013 4:45AM

Yep. But you're probably going to haul foundation anyway so...:-ptoto8501/31/2013 4:56AM

Yep. A pretty decent sized sample. :D I think my Dior Extreme gives me pretty full coverage.tiinnhh1/31/2013 5:40AM

You got a sample? It buildable to full coverage is what I meant. lol. +++toto8501/31/2013 5:33AM

It seems more med coverage to me. I've been having to apply two layers for full coveragetiinnhh1/31/2013 5:29AM

Seriously it's one of the best texture I have tried in terms of powder fndt! ++++toto8501/31/2013 5:25AM

OOOH. TELL ME MOAR? tiinnhh1/31/2013 5:15AM

I would get it if I didn't love Lunasol powder fndt lol! :-ptoto8501/31/2013 5:12AM

I actually have a wee sample of this, but too afraid to try in case I fall in love again. I already+tiinnhh1/31/2013 5:04AM

The FFF is great but I love the cream version more. :-ptoto8501/31/2013 5:01AM

Mayhaps. I got the Suqqu Fix Frame fluid a couple weeks ago! Now I want the powder fdtn! LOL++tiinnhh1/31/2013 4:56AM

busy ordering online, Mac then Eve Pearl Salmon concealerdlgdcpa1/31/2013 4:17AM

girl.. I hear that.delicatepost1/31/2013 4:14AM

It's fun, no? I've been up all night :-/khara041/31/2013 4:12AM

I haven't been able to fall asleep before 430am in months! *cries*tiinnhh1/31/2013 4:15AM

maybe see a doc?dlgdcpa1/31/2013 4:39AM

2nd. it's dangerous to ignore. you need proper sleep!bergamott1/31/2013 8:05AM

Gah! I have periods like that but not for months! Can your dr. rx something?khara041/31/2013 4:22AM

Nah. Some nights I just pop Benadryl, lol. tiinnhh1/31/2013 4:44AM