Poll: How many blushes do you own? do you plan on buying more? :)

me: 13, hmmm not anytime soon lol

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expand whole threadPoll: How many blushes do you own? do you plan on buying more? :)marisol241/24/2013 4:53PM

Over 100 ohsewdizzy1/25/2013 6:43PM

about 15. only got into blush about a year ago. love em!nirvana91/25/2013 1:52PM

Prob 60+ would <3 tarte Ac but not sold in UK :( dpd1/25/2013 1:24PM

1. It's perfect on me. LORAC Baked in Plush(Peach).MRSLE1/24/2013 6:53PM

abt 30 (?) and probably. blush is my weakness :)bergamott1/24/2013 5:59PM

10. Yes, I have some in my plans.trolleydip1/24/2013 5:42PM

Just counted 49 so more like 50+ and probably but selectivelychiggy51/24/2013 5:40PM

Probably around 30. It's my #1 soft spot. Not anytime soon :)simplicity1/24/2013 5:28PM

7 and yes I have a list on my phone..LauraMather1/24/2013 5:22PM

17, I plan on replacing a few with h/e cilucia1/24/2013 5:18PM

Currently 8. Def need more. Just purged a lot with crap formulas.indecorous1/24/2013 5:16PM

around 15 I think. I'm buying more but gonna try to keep the number steady.mistnrain1/24/2013 5:13PM

I have 3. I don't plan on getting any more because my cheeks are naturally really red. KeepHoldingOn1/24/2013 5:12PM

Probably 30+ I love blush sugarglazed1/24/2013 5:09PM

I don't know, maybe 6 in my blush drawer + 15-20 in my rarely used drawer?emisara1/24/2013 5:08PM

Around 35-40. Maybe 50. But I have purged a few and will be adding some but VERY selectively. Airam071/24/2013 5:08PM

1! NARS Sin/Casino duo. I have red cheeks and can't do blush.deelasoul1/24/2013 5:07PM

5 (2 are from GWP's)thankful11/24/2013 5:06PM

i have somewhere over 30. ive lost count. yes! always <3panties1/24/2013 5:05PM

6 at the moment, wait does this count samples? cause I have 4 samples. and no.ladykolie1/24/2013 5:04PM

Lol 1. I've only had it for a couple of monthstightsweatergirl1/24/2013 5:03PM

What color?liveforchocolate1/24/2013 5:04PM

BB Sand Pink, obviously I need to work on my collection!tightsweatergirl1/24/2013 5:10PM

about 8ShadyPinesMa1/24/2013 5:02PM

maybe 8 and I use the all liveforchocolate1/24/2013 5:01PM

28- yes after I purge some but not any time soon.Harley091/24/2013 5:01PM

under 20, and not reallyvampiressrevenge1/24/2013 5:00PM

Maybe like 15 not including the NARS palette I have // yes..just need more cheekswhooobie1/24/2013 4:59PM

TWO. I am a nerd.esimple1/24/2013 4:59PM

2 here too!lxb871/24/2013 5:13PM

2. I would love to try more, but I am at a loss as to what would look good on me. mimahirn1/24/2013 4:58PM

Not enough! More highlighters than blush!anitacocktail1/24/2013 4:58PM

20ish and not unless it is really uniquekimmyn1/24/2013 4:58PM

*pleds the fifth* yeskatiekabooom1/24/2013 4:58PM

15 and yes, but I'll be selective.ClariceD1/24/2013 4:58PM

I own 3 or 4, but I don't use them : [.mg841/24/2013 4:57PM

No idea but many! No immediate plans.nmezza1/24/2013 4:57PM

180ish? yeschantequeen1/24/2013 4:57PM

pbi: did u see my blush swatches? i thought of u when i did them LOLpanties1/24/2013 5:05PM

OOOh, those are beautiful! I really like the looks of rosebud <3chantequeen1/24/2013 5:07PM

no, I'll look for them now...chantequeen1/24/2013 5:06PM

i swatched all the D&G blushes...i think you'd appreciate them lolpanties1/24/2013 5:07PM

Could I just come over and have you pick which kind of blush I should use? That's a bigger selectionmimahirn1/24/2013 4:59PM

2nd you could offer consultation servicestightsweatergirl1/24/2013 5:07PM

lol, sure!chantequeen1/24/2013 5:02PM

My hero! <3nmezza1/24/2013 4:57PM

LOL <3chantequeen1/24/2013 5:02PM

Idk tbh. not more than 10, though. I think...chrissaaa1/24/2013 4:57PM

Just a few. I only need a few more to be able to create all the looks I want.raissanina1/24/2013 4:56PM

None O.O Yes lol *MU newbie*VanityInsanity1/24/2013 4:56PM

We shall infect you soon enoughLadyofFluff1/24/2013 4:59PM

:D Yay!VanityInsanity1/24/2013 5:04PM

I have 45, with two more on the way. I want to purge some, but def want more--in a big nude/bronzey+Julie3561/24/2013 4:56PM

I'm not counting, and I still have a few that I lemLadyofFluff1/24/2013 4:56PM

Over 20. No. Can't remember the last time I finished a blush.Allissa1/24/2013 4:56PM

I've hit a plateau that I'm happy with. I think I have around 15?lomelindi1/24/2013 4:56PM

Approximately 40, I'm not home to count them. Yes, but I will also probably purge as I buy to keep +kmbirkel1/24/2013 4:56PM

~40, and yes, but not until I purge some.gconn1/24/2013 4:55PM

im not sure but I know I only wear like three of them. itsnotmakeupitsme1/24/2013 4:54PM