My hormonal acne is really making me anxious & depressed :( r/o

Ever since I got off BCP 1.5 years ago, my skin has been getting cystic pimples that hurt so much and nothing makes them go away and they always leave a scar :(

I had such clear skin on BCP that I'm considering going back on, but I just started a new job and my health insurance doesn't start til April 1 :(

I tried eliminating dairy from my diet for 1 month, but I still got cystic acne. So I don't think that helps me.

I have so many clogged pores and right now I have 3 huge cystic bumps on my jawline that are so humiliating I don't even want to show my face without makeup to anybody. And even with makeup it looks like I have 3 huge bumps under my skin. I use PC AHA 8% gel and BHA 2% on alternating nights but they don't do much to prevent cystic acne for me. The AHA does help with fading the scars though, which I've been so thankful for.

And I just feel miserable because my periods have been so irregular and heavy that I'm pretty sure I'm anemic. I just had my period 2 weeks ago and I'm having pre-period symptoms (tender breasts) and I'm pretty sure my period will start in a few days. This really sucks. I feel so controlled by my acne and I hate it. Thanks for listening, needed to vent and see if anybody else has felt this way too.

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expand whole threadMy hormonal acne is really making me anxious & depressed :( r/oironwoman011/24/2013 4:40PM

totally feel your pain, acne can be debilitating and is not taken seriously enough+ sarahlen1/30/2013 9:35AM

I feel your pain, too. That was me before going on Effexor for anxiety. It controls my stress ++lisa77881/30/2013 5:46AM

Been there, probably didnt go out of my home for 6months no lie! tanyagovea1/29/2013 9:42PM

I recently discoverd salisyclic peelsMellieb1/29/2013 8:39PM

Same thing happened to me a few years ago. I tried everything for about three years and finally +++z71krystal1/29/2013 4:10PM

balekjia1/26/2013 10:11PM

You don't need insurance to get BCP. Get a family pact card +DecoDolly1/26/2013 4:55PM

Looking family pact up now. Thanks so much!ironwoman011/29/2013 3:17PM

try moisturizing at night with desert essence jojoba oil ++jade7161/26/2013 2:44PM

I agree with the jojoba suggestion. I also...ropxochipilli1/29/2013 11:00PM

I'm scared to use oils on my face, but I will look into turmeric & tea tree oil. ironwoman011/29/2013 3:19PM

have you considered spiro instead? it works wonders on my hormonal acne and its...nicjo1/26/2013 1:38PM

Hmm haven't looked into this, but I will. Thanks! ironwoman011/29/2013 3:46PM

have you heard of oil pulling? i recently started using virgin coconut oil + am putting coconut oilkizels1/26/2013 12:27PM

Haven't heard of this either, will look it up. Thanks :)ironwoman011/29/2013 3:52PM

Urge this was my life.pinksunday1/26/2013 9:21AM

Sounds exactly like me. Acne on chin and lower cheeks constantly. r/oironwoman011/29/2013 3:50PM

Lilylove111/29/2013 8:29PM

I have bad pms and taking tang gui pills every day has helped. Perhaps you can benefit +kiune1/26/2013 3:50AM

Thank you! I will look into it! ::hugs back::ironwoman011/29/2013 3:33PM

I know it's tough w/o insurance, but at least get to a clinic ++hdiehl031/26/2013 12:45AM

Thanks for the words, the first thing I'll do when my insurance starts is see an obgyn. r/oironwoman011/29/2013 3:31PM

CynnaStephens1/25/2013 9:37PM

I've never been on BCPs, but I feel your pain. ++iheartcha1/24/2013 9:21PM

I've never looked into PP actually. Not sure why, but I will look up costs and if r/oironwoman011/24/2013 10:24PM

I've never done gyms ++iheartcha1/25/2013 6:26PM

I'm too cheap for a gym membership lol I just go to the small gym at my apt complex office. R/oironwoman011/29/2013 3:45PM

I'm so, so sorry you feel this way. Keep doing research online, hberlin1/24/2013 5:42PM

Thanks for the kind words. I really hope I can find the solution to this acne!ironwoman011/24/2013 8:13PM

Same exact thing happened to me I eventually had to do accutanebcece281/24/2013 5:42PM

Doesn't accutane have dangerous side effects? ironwoman011/24/2013 8:26PM

hiSarah65871/24/2013 5:38PM

I will look into the polycystic ovarian syndrome r/oironwoman011/24/2013 8:25PM

ACV and Polycystic Ovarian SyndromeSarah65871/24/2013 10:53PM

I also would suggest being tested for PCOS. Goodluck :) I feel your pain!macmakeuplove1/26/2013 12:58PM

Thanks you both! Sarah I will remember your post for when I see a doc. r/oironwoman011/29/2013 3:39PM

If the BCP worked for you and there are no contraindications I would honestly go back to it myself! elf_1071/24/2013 5:05PM

I went off BCP because it made me feel emotional & crazy, but r/oironwoman011/24/2013 5:56PM

There is such a huge selection of BCP nowadays, if you can find a really expert doc +elf_1071/24/2013 7:49PM

Thank you! You are very sweet! :)ironwoman011/24/2013 8:12PM

I have info on my notepad. I felt that way for years. it sux:(+jetfan1/24/2013 4:48PM

Thanks for responding so quickly. I'll check it out, thanks !ironwoman011/24/2013 4:55PM