Recs for a more moisturizing oil for clog prone skin? I usually use jojoba but I'm getting lots r/o

dry patches lately due to the cold and indoor heat.

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expand whole threadRecs for a more moisturizing oil for clog prone skin? I usually use jojoba but I'm getting lots r/osplitzo91/23/2013 2:45PM 4:18AM

Same skin! I love sweet almondbrighteyes221/26/2013 12:40AM

Sweet almond oil - on my 2nd bottle. Better than jojoba, castor ++micbass011/26/2013 11:44AM

Rose hip or argan oilsispania 1/24/2013 7:47PM

I'm currently loving Sibu Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil SerumLacquerLover1/24/2013 2:45PM

argan and rosehip clog me badly +ihearthenry1/24/2013 11:09AM

*edit* still testing sunflower, but so far I still like hemp better a bit. +++frckls1/23/2013 6:45PM

pbi: What about the hemp seed do you prefer?meggan8081/25/2013 9:21PM

meadowfoam seed or hemp seed oil? otherwise 2nd (low-oleic) safflower & sunflowergingerrama1/23/2013 5:08PM

Emu or vaselineThefallenangel5251/23/2013 3:56PM

I've been loving Safflowerjetfan1/23/2013 3:04PM

?? are you cheating on MO? It's like I don't even know you AT ALL :)coffeeandcream1/23/2013 6:30PM

LMAO. No, I still use MO to cleanse, but I have a few other oils that I mess around+jetfan1/24/2013 10:05AM

ah, ok. All is right with the universe again :)coffeeandcream1/24/2013 10:27AM

do you think this is thinner/more spreadable than rice bran? wondering how it would workrandalk1/23/2013 3:55PM

I didn't love Rice Bran, I like this one much better. Oils are so+jetfan1/23/2013 4:08PM

PBI what brand of safflower oil do you use?daintydaisy1/23/2013 3:26PM

LouAnna, $3.00 at the Grocery store, 100% pure.jetfan1/23/2013 3:28PM

pbi: I've seen LouAnna safflower oil at grocery stores, but it's always high oleic. Is that what +meggan8081/23/2013 4:38PM

I'll check the bottle when I get home:)jetfan1/23/2013 4:39PM

TY! :Dmeggan8081/23/2013 5:14PM

I like this a lot for body, maybe I should try on my face toochayaNY1/23/2013 3:13PM

argan oil is awesome for my dry clog prone skin - but patch test bc ymmv, always. jojoba is ++gizmorules1/23/2013 2:50PM

Sunflower has been working great for me. I mix with my moisturizer.happynappy11/23/2013 3:46PM

2nd sunflower; I've been mixing a tiny drop w/ my moisturizer in AM, and it's lovely. :)meggan8081/23/2013 4:39PM

argan is a godsend to me. I highly recommendlizzylu1/23/2013 3:25PM

wrackmybrain1/24/2013 5:58PM