Are there any makeup brands that you use/like/love that just doesn't get the credit it deserves? ++

Mine Elizabeth Arden. I have used a couple of their foundations and it works like a dream for me. As well as the blush. Pink Glow is my favorite from this brand. And I cringe when I didn't pick up the Rose Gold highlighter from the summer 2012 collection. Please post any brands that just don't get enough LOVE.

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expand whole threadAre there any makeup brands that you use/like/love that just doesn't get the credit it deserves? ++perfumejunky1/23/2013 1:13PM

This is random but I think L.A. Colors nail polishes & blush are pretty amazing! +trisheee1/27/2013 12:08AM

Cover Girl. I wouldn't even think to look at it, and yet, it's more useable than a lot of ds lines.lisamims11/26/2013 9:05PM

Avonshgirl21/26/2013 8:54PM

ocelot11/26/2013 8:40PM

Trish McEvoy makes amazing products. Loved her stuff for years.EIGNA1/26/2013 12:07PM

I love Mary Kay. It works great for me and I have a great consultantkklunder1/26/2013 12:06PM

I love a lot of Mary Kay products tooSheryl1/26/2013 9:42PM

Sleek make up.tatissima1/26/2013 11:01AM

Prescriptivessarajo81/26/2013 10:58AM

2ndalisham21/26/2013 2:46PM

Vincent Longo, sue devittocelot11/26/2013 6:08AM

Meow cosmetics-I'm a huge fan of their blushes, and their e/s is lovely tootrillium131/26/2013 12:46AM

I love my Forever 21 blushes.bijoux271/26/2013 12:22AM

Oh, and Quo has some nice eyeshadow palettes and blushes/face powders bijoux271/26/2013 12:22AM

Not makeup though they do have a bb cream&fdtn now, it's Jouviance. Made in Canada, great ingredlisandbobbie1/25/2013 10:34PM

Burberry... ahhhhhhgirlieoso1/25/2013 9:38PM

Does Burberry not get credit for being awesome?++karissajean1/26/2013 11:22AM

makeup brands that need more credit!sunlightbeauty1/25/2013 4:29PM

Thanks everyone for the input. Give me some new brands to check into. Or at least "new' to me.perfumejunky1/25/2013 3:30PM

Givenchy powder products, excelent face powders!anitacocktail1/23/2013 1:21PM

2nd!anonamizz1/23/2013 1:26PM

Givenchy powder products, excelent face powders!anitacocktail1/23/2013 1:20PM

good to know :) katemvirginia1/23/2013 1:23PM

Givenchy lip products so luxurious & prettykatemvirginia1/23/2013 1:19PM

Stila. There are a few things that I LOVE from them. But YMMV.beautyglitter1/23/2013 1:14PM

Nice to see them back at Nordstroms!anitacocktail1/23/2013 1:18PM

they arent at mine yet. but then again mine doesn't have Burberry or Guerlain either :(beautyglitter1/23/2013 1:21PM

YUP. nordies kinda made them famous in the 90;s , back again! :)anitacocktail1/23/2013 1:26PM

*nods*beautyglitter1/23/2013 1:30PM

2nd. And Almay. SweetTeaAndKerouac1/23/2013 1:16PM

I actually really like Clinique's e/s. They are great for day time work looksrupertlilly81/23/2013 1:13PM

3rd Clinique+karissajean1/25/2013 4:17PM

This and GivenchyLadyofFluff1/23/2013 1:25PM

2nd.gimmeglamour1/23/2013 1:25PM