Been disappointed by e/s lately, which brand has THE BEST pigmentation and texture. TIA!


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expand whole threadBeen disappointed by e/s lately, which brand has THE BEST pigmentation and texture. TIA!jebaca1/20/2013 2:37PM

Drugstore: wet n wild, high end: urban decayaznmnkygrl8081/25/2013 4:54PM

I agree 100%finn471/25/2013 7:23PM

L'Oreal Infalliblejudysmath1/25/2013 4:04PM

shiseido triosgna1/25/2013 3:03PM


Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill IntenseBeauty4Ashes1/25/2013 8:27AM

Inglotdscrapbooking1/20/2013 7:14PM

Burberry, I had given up on e/s almost before this, then went wild on itdlgdcpa1/20/2013 3:58PM

RBR, Addiction, Burberry.bernb1/20/2013 3:05PM

Inglot, Shiseido, some of Burberryjaguayanflawer1/20/2013 3:03PM

UD, Inglot dddoxie1/20/2013 3:03PM

RBR hands down. bergamott1/20/2013 2:56PM

Shiseido, MUG, RBRLadyofFluff1/20/2013 2:47PM

RBR, Suqqu, Shiseido, some Addiction P and ME shadesmadeupstories1/20/2013 2:47PM

BE ready eye shadows. jadesparrow921/20/2013 2:44PM

COMPLETELY AGREE! & they are not obnoxious like some UD colors yet have amazing payoffchocol8eyes1/25/2013 7:56AM

2ndhalimeade1/20/2013 3:07PM

Shiseido and Addiction for texture and Inglot for pigmentation:Plaitae1/20/2013 2:43PM

Suqqu, RBR, Addiction and GivenchyAbsalom1/20/2013 2:41PM

Inglot, UD, HourglassBeautyBloom1/20/2013 2:40PM

RBR, Inglot Pearls and Addiction MetallicsFreddieR1/20/2013 2:40PM

RBR?z71krystal1/25/2013 4:33PM

okay it's time to get me some addiction... which ones are your absolute faves and would suit me?+cjm5171/20/2013 2:43PM

I'm a sucker for Fudge! She was my first :D I'm very fond of Safari Mode, Midnight Oasis and SandbaFreddieR1/20/2013 2:53PM

oh god $40 on ichibankao... did you CP? cjm5171/20/2013 2:58PM

Burb, BE pressed and HGtraxfever1/20/2013 2:39PM

Inglot & Yaby for mejujubeeb1/20/2013 2:39PM

Shiseido hands down. Also look at KA new duos.ivanabacowboy1/20/2013 2:39PM

Urban Decay!!!killswitch1001/20/2013 2:38PM

imo absolute best are early generation shu (hard to get now) and RBRcjm5171/20/2013 2:38PM

ymmv but I think the P and many M shades now are superior to the older onesmadeupstories1/20/2013 2:48PM

...orly? Do the P shades feel like the lavenderish one in PB?gconn1/20/2013 2:49PM

annoyingly they do vary shade by shade :/ like the Addiction P's +madeupstories1/20/2013 2:51PM

>_< darnit, I want to give the currently generation a bit more love, but the lack o' counters+gconn1/20/2013 2:58PM

you need to viiiiiisiiiiiiit +madeupstories1/20/2013 3:00PM

I love my Shu!Gingitsune1/20/2013 2:39PM

me too! *hoards*gconn1/20/2013 2:40PM

yep there are some I have that I don't use as much bc they are+cjm5171/20/2013 2:41PM

Really? Which htf do you have?! :)gingitsune1/20/2013 2:46PM