Ladies with D or DD cups: Is there a molded bra out there ++

that actually lifts and makes you look round, not pointy?

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expand whole threadLadies with D or DD cups: Is there a molded bra out there ++Susee1/18/2013 8:03PM

yes! vs dream angels demi is one of the sexiest bras that are amazing (size 34DD for reference) cinderelka901/21/2013 11:48PM

Simone Perele Andora or Caressence. I will wear nothing else now. amydbaby1/21/2013 7:23PM

Thanks again for all the help! :)Susee1/21/2013 2:41PM

Modern Movement Ultimate t- shirt bra, at Dillard's.justinbieberschesthair1/21/2013 6:05AM

VS Sexy Tee bras... I wear the full coverage and demi versions and they're great.Miluiel1/21/2013 12:29AM

*notes*JustYourAverageSuccubus1/21/2013 12:26AM

tnkrbelrox1/20/2013 5:23PM

Soma embraceable full coverage bra is very nice and comfykklunder1/20/2013 10:33AM

Paramour, VS Demishgirl21/20/2013 10:16AM

Victoria's Secret.Martha6101/20/2013 8:57AM

Warner's This Is Not a Bra. Got mine at Kohl's.disneytwinmom1/20/2013 8:14AM

34DD. Love the VS Bombshell bra. ohcaitlin1/20/2013 1:50AM

Thanks......does it really add 2 cup sizes? Not sure I need that.Susee1/20/2013 7:44PM

I'm a 36DD, I like Wacoal Awareness Full Coverage Contour Wire Bra or»junomacguff1/19/2013 10:58PM

I was always a snob but Bali actually makes nice bras, esp in d cupsmylegfeelsfunny1/19/2013 10:39PM

agree. I like the stretch lace one. KalmiaB1/20/2013 7:59PM

Lilyette model 0929. Convertible straps for halter, wide set, or without++KalmiaB1/21/2013 1:19PM

2ndMissRiss1/20/2013 5:32PM

Get thee to Lane Bryant - (they sell Cacique). Excellent bras for the D cups and higherenolan1191/19/2013 10:23PM

yes Cacique is great for the fuller figures.mshotstuff1/20/2013 6:57PM

mshotstuff1/20/2013 6:56PM

Freya decobeautybloom1/19/2013 9:36PM

Thanks for all the helpful replies!! You all have given me hope :)Susee1/19/2013 11:16AM

I'm 36D and like VS incrediblesaksaiyo1/19/2013 8:04AM

Le Mystere or Panache Porcelain or Chantelle has some great ones. I'm an E/F.ihavequestions1/19/2013 7:42AM

2nd all of theseabogada1/20/2013 1:46PM

3rd, Love Le Mystere and chantelleamhammond20031/20/2013 11:03PM

34DD VS biofit is round.IceQueen3331/18/2013 11:57PM

This. The bio fit is amazing.sealegg1/21/2013 9:58PM

Fantasie!!! The besta_perfect_circle1/18/2013 11:23PM

This! The 4510, to be specific.eeeeelicia1/21/2013 3:44AM

34DDD here .Chantelle 3781 Sexy Shaping Full Coverage T-Shirt Bra+++shelley1/18/2013 9:28PM

ok; I'll check those too. Thanks for your help!Susee1/18/2013 9:37PM

36G. And 2nd this one!heatherlin1/20/2013 11:30AM

Chantelle has lots of options.raissanina1/18/2013 9:28PM

I love Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort Customized Lift Sexy Contour Bra ROPstarfighterlily1/18/2013 8:59PM

Thanks for the suggestion; where do you buy it?Susee1/18/2013 9:01PM

That link goes to ... which carries them ROPstarfighterlily1/18/2013 9:07PM

Aargh!! I think it may be too plunging for me.Susee1/18/2013 9:23PM

oh, ok. I have Macy's but not Nordstrom or Bloomingdale's. Thank you!Susee1/18/2013 9:15PM

ROP +Leslie59051/18/2013 8:54PM

Thanks for the link. I haven't tried Cacique.Susee1/18/2013 8:56PM

2nd cacique bras. These look amazing on me!Caleee1431/20/2013 8:39AM

I wear a 36ddd from there.. the balconette. Amazing lift, very smooth under a T, and cleavage.bulamae1/19/2013 2:19PM

34DD I love Aerie PinkCarnations1/18/2013 8:53PM

38dd; I don't know if they make them in 38. But thanks!Susee1/18/2013 8:57PM

their bands run big so you might fit a 36erinisnice1/21/2013 2:17PM

Le mysterenica1/18/2013 8:47PM

2nd.24kt1/19/2013 8:23AM

I'm D...I really like the ones from Soma, vanishing edge I think is the style. They're notyouwillneverfindme1/18/2013 8:30PM

Thanks for the rec! I wish I had a Soma near me; I want to try it.Susee1/18/2013 8:57PM

Vanity Fair and Balisooz0171/18/2013 8:28PM

I think I've tried almost all Bali & Vanity Fair out there; I'm between cup sizes in them!Susee1/18/2013 8:58PM

my friend just got some from maidenform,shes a 42DD,not sure style typerockycoastofmaine1/18/2013 8:27PM

ok, thanks!Susee1/18/2013 8:58PM

freya decobrianne11141/18/2013 8:26PM

2nd. hobbitfancier551/18/2013 9:49PM

Thanks!Susee1/18/2013 8:59PM

No, the ones I've tried all look pointy (Wacoal, Natori, etc)stanton1/18/2013 8:10PM

mystere tishadecemberbaby1/18/2013 8:09PM