My lemony flutter has turned to scum. What are we liking for cuticle hydration awareness?


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expand whole threadMy lemony flutter has turned to scum. What are we liking for cuticle hydration awareness?WEENERDOGG1/18/2013 4:52PM

Mango Mend!muacat1/19/2013 4:08PM

Right now I'm loving the Beyond Belief Vanilla Joy lotion Sally's was selling for 99 cents during ++ChinaGlazeJunkie1/18/2013 10:58PM

vitamin e oil from trader joe'sadalexandria1/18/2013 9:42PM

Burt's BeesUSMCWIFE20081/18/2013 7:47PM

Ew! How old was your LF? Curious because I just bought my first pot.terrenity1/18/2013 7:37PM

Is coconut oil good for cuticles? Mine are terrible!shadowglam111/18/2013 6:00PM

Yeppnalley1/19/2013 9:03AM

I am loving a Zum Magic Stick right now- smells like lavender! :)xoxojen1/18/2013 5:18PM

I'm groovin' on my freebie Julep roll-on cuticle oil...not messy, smells nice, absorbs fast!+++juniperglimpse1/18/2013 5:13PM

Durrr I actually have a jar of shea lying around somewhere...WEENERDOGG1/18/2013 5:25PM

I love the stuff from Simple Nail Art Tips (N/A). See link for coupon code+Pyretta51/18/2013 5:09PM

This looks and sounds interesting.WEENERDOGG1/18/2013 5:24PM

Almond oil, argan oil, Qtica, CND Solar oil, lansinohkricket31421/18/2013 5:04PM

Badger Balm Cuticle Care - works really well, organic & lasts foreverreesagirl1/18/2013 5:01PM

love it.raspberrychip1/18/2013 11:43PM

Will stick this on my next amazon order. Thanks!WEENERDOGG1/18/2013 5:25PM

Vaseline works best for me, the cocoa butter one. carovan1/18/2013 4:59PM

Qtica balm. rachelmarienails1/18/2013 4:58PM

lansinohcocacolacutie1/18/2013 4:56PM

My favorite is Aquaphor.kta821/18/2013 4:55PM

2ndelf_1071/18/2013 5:31PM

My favorites are AmLactin and the Qtica Cuticle BalmChynnaBlue1/18/2013 4:54PM