What to do about remaining congested, enlarged pores and blackheads while otherwise clear from Acne.


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expand whole threadWhat to do about remaining congested, enlarged pores and blackheads while otherwise clear from Acne.freckletone1/18/2013 4:40PM

felisachip1/20/2013 2:30AM

Salicylic Acid higher than 3% will temporarily shrink pores, clear blackheads. Try ebay 4 it.sushikitty1/18/2013 10:37PM

I thought something would help my "blackheads" after my acne cleared up and then I found out + wagashi1/18/2013 9:39PM

you can clean them temporary with a clay maskkalie01/18/2013 11:18PM

I know most ppl will rec BHA, but I find that AHA works better for me.envinia1/18/2013 6:57PM

BHA's, and if you already have that covered, then niacinamidesneezydiva31/18/2013 6:23PM

BHA's for some, oil cleansing (w/a carrier oil) got rid of all mine.jetfan1/18/2013 5:12PM

2nd, both work for me.meggan8081/18/2013 5:21PM

pbi: to be fair I've only tried 3 BHAs (Stridex, GoW and SN) and my face hated all 3. Any recos?therubyprincess1/18/2013 5:24PM

my skin hated every bha until the one i use now. it was like the bha would. orthoRN1/18/2013 5:42PM

I like Paula's Choice 1% BHA Lotion...has done amazing things for metimothybcat1/19/2013 11:43PM

This is a great product!GULIEQ1/19/2013 6:21PM

tyvm ortho! off to check it out. therubyprincess1/18/2013 5:44PM

You are the best! as usual tyvvvvm!therubyprincess1/18/2013 6:53PM

Acnomel (super-drying), Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask (as spot-treatment overnight)sniffer1/18/2013 6:44PM

Apparently not a good one - have been checking the shelves for Dela Cruz w/o luck. Reco?therubyprincess1/18/2013 6:38PM

it isn't necessarily going to be stronger on zits. Have you tried sulfur?sniffer1/18/2013 6:34PM

Hmmm. Currently using and liking the SN AHA. Perhaps I need to be patient :) :) - would like a + therubyprincess1/18/2013 6:28PM

try an AHA - sometimes one works better than the othersniffer1/18/2013 6:11PM

(listening)therubyprincess1/18/2013 5:06PM

bad phone! posted to soon! from Acne.org's Regifreckletone1/18/2013 4:43PM