just had to share, I was one of the winners of the Pure Ice contest. I'm on cloud 9 right now!!!!

my entry: http://www.makeupalley.com/m_152774109/

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expand whole threadjust had to share, I was one of the winners of the Pure Ice contest. I'm on cloud 9 right now!!!!thepolishedmommy1/18/2013 2:05PM

Soo much polish!themonkrat1/25/2013 7:38PM

Well done! :)Eleobel1/18/2013 6:10PM

Congrats! Loved your entry.chele3021/18/2013 4:45PM

Wow! That is great! Your entry was amazing. Post bottle shots when you get the prize!papelcat1/18/2013 4:14PM

That is fantastic! I love that so much. Totally awesome. Congrats! :DAndryaAndroid1/18/2013 4:09PM

Wow, that's great.donnerfarm1/18/2013 4:00PM

Congrats!!! That is AWESOME!grobanite191/18/2013 3:25PM

thanks everyone!! doesn't help that I had coffee this morning so I'm bouncing off the walls excited!thepolishedmommy1/18/2013 3:25PM

Woo hoo!,chale1/18/2013 3:24PM

Congrats!!! Enjoy the polishes! :) You deserve it! suplisax31/18/2013 3:17PM

Congrats! Thats soo awesome!ZenAndCoffee1/18/2013 3:12PM

yay congrats!!!!xpinkbearx1/18/2013 3:08PM

That's so awesome -- congrats!!lcarrie1/18/2013 3:05PM

Congratulations! I was hoping you would win!SquirrelQueen1/18/2013 3:01PM

Awesome! Love the inspiration pics!julia9411/18/2013 2:59PM

YES!seevan1/18/2013 2:55PM

congratulations! that is really some amazing art! you deserve it. :)hokukoroku1/18/2013 2:46PM

That's amazing! Congrats! Well deserved.psitticism1/18/2013 2:44PM

Congratulations! That is awesome.Flyyygirl1/18/2013 2:42PM

Congratulations! That's an awesome mani and a great prize!Amelia881/18/2013 2:31PM

congratulations! cocacolacutie1/18/2013 2:30PM

awww that's awesome :)hummiemd1/18/2013 2:27PM

congratulations! now you get to show us swatches of all the polish you win! lol :)laquerlove1/18/2013 2:25PM

yay! congrats!!!bergamott1/18/2013 2:21PM

Woo hoo!! Awesome mani and congrats!!diffraction1/18/2013 2:14PM

Congratulations!!!ktp7891/18/2013 2:13PM

Congrats!Pyretta51/18/2013 2:11PM

wow what an adorable mani!! U deserve it!LovePurple6241/18/2013 2:11PM

congrats!!! :)TheCaptain1/18/2013 2:08PM

That's awesome, congrats!windrose1/18/2013 2:08PM

congrats!mzterri1/18/2013 2:07PM