Do any of you feel guilty about returning used makeup +

Like to CVS or something if you don't like it/doesn't work for you etc? I always feel so guilty because I know it will just be thrown away, I feel like it's a waste. But then on the other hand, it's a waste of my money if I don't return it (I do swap, but sometimes I just want my money back). Am I putting to much though into this? LOL!

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expand whole threadDo any of you feel guilty about returning used makeup +grobanite191/12/2013 2:57PM

DS makeup: nope, not at all, there's no testers in the US! HE: nope, no feelings of guilt ROPCailee1/19/2013 9:08PM

Yes. Returned a lipstick once that I liked in store, not afterwards. Shd have just kept it.Martha6101/19/2013 8:51PM

no indeed im usually very careful ab what i buy so i wont need to return it but if i do need to i doilovethe80s871/19/2013 3:21PM

No, it is part of the company’s business model to anticipate returns ROPmylegfeelsfunny1/19/2013 12:52PM

2ndjskellis1/19/2013 2:44PM

Yes and no. I do feel guilty, because I have return things due to my really +++ilovegloss1/19/2013 12:24PM

No, I spend a lot of money on makeup and I will not keep items that do not work for me. EIGNA1/19/2013 10:56AM

Yes. I rarely return stuffcoffeeandcream1/19/2013 9:52AM

No no no! Things are better now for consumers than ever and I want my money back so I can get r/ostaci011/18/2013 10:43PM

reality checkindustryKoda1/18/2013 7:39PM

If someone returns something f/legitimade reasons (allergies, wrong color) +++hesperia1/18/2013 7:29PM

No, but i only return if the color is not right or i don't like how it performs...mickey091/18/2013 5:11PM

no not at all. companies make enough £ on MUapricotcloud1/18/2013 4:17PM

Nope..AmalZahir1/18/2013 1:34PM

Sometimes I feel a little twinge, but that's just what happens without testers and samples.greenfaerie381/18/2013 12:38PM

I agree. Would be more cost effective if DS products had testers. Some are on board, though. trisheee1/18/2013 3:53PM

yes :(fihe1/17/2013 11:32PM

No. They throw it away anyway.RainyWeather1/17/2013 9:53PM

yescynaga1/17/2013 6:50PM

YES! for environmental reasons, not so much for the business. We live in such a spoiled society ++hanhnee1/17/2013 4:37PM

I do. I pass it onto a friend, or swap it away. kirat1/17/2013 3:19PM

Never. I don't abuse the policy but do use it when I've had an issue with a product.lepin1/17/2013 2:58PM

Yes...same here. trisheee1/18/2013 3:54PM

No. Do they feel bad when a product doesn't deliver?+GuysCallMeShawna1/17/2013 2:05PM

THIS!maxxine1/18/2013 10:57AM

Samebijoux271/17/2013 2:36PM

No, I try to return within a reasonable amount of time.dreamsandreverie1/17/2013 12:45PM

2nd. Plus if the store doesn't have testers, how are we suppose to know if it works out or not?aznmnkygrl8081/18/2013 4:35AM

YES!! Because its not THEIR fault, they didnt make it.MOONEYES891/17/2013 10:36AM

hell no. not my fault.justinetindall1/17/2013 9:30AM

This!!tsmith48961/17/2013 3:53PM

Either way it would be thrown out, better idea would be if some return items were passed along to ++beebonnet1/17/2013 7:11AM

Excellent idea! I will do this whenever I dislike a product so someone can get some use out of itztte36991/19/2013 5:25PM

No, never.maxxine1/17/2013 5:42AM

Not really because it's expensive. I only return to drugstores where I can't testmakeupdee1/17/2013 2:42AM

Ive done it and never had any problems at the stores..mydirrtysecret1/12/2013 5:51PM

No, though I do it very, very infrequentlyimamakeupaddict1/12/2013 3:54PM

Thissunnyonne11/17/2013 9:43AM

where do you live?both in italia and uk you cant do that at all.tatissima1/12/2013 3:49PM

In the USA (where I live), it's allowed at CVS and other drugstoresgrobanite191/12/2013 4:04PM

interesting.if there is a tester maybe i will feel bad,otherwise notatissima1/12/2013 4:17PM

Not at all. If I'm returning it, it doesn't live up to what I was under the impression it would be.CherylR1/12/2013 3:38PM

I totally feel guilty. I only returned 1 thing to CVS, just really didn't work for me+ilasik1/12/2013 3:38PM

i rarely return unless i truly hate it or it's bad (like the smelly liquid e/l i returned yesterday)brianne11141/12/2013 3:22PM

I don't like to return bc all DSs employees are super rude about returns. I don't want to deal with+traxfever1/12/2013 3:17PM

Really? The only time someone's been rude to me about it was at Target.kf20121/12/2013 3:26PM

This is why I usually take my money elsewhere when it comes to Target.maxxine1/17/2013 5:43AM

I've had this problem at Target to, so now i just say my skin had a reaction to the product.mickey091/18/2013 5:04PM

Nope. And I think "return drama" is silly.kf20121/12/2013 3:14PM

industryKoda1/18/2013 7:37PM

Agreed!enamacheylove1/17/2013 5:18PM

if they didn't want to take returns, they wouldn't.subtlelikeatank1/12/2013 3:09PM

No I do not, sometimes it just does not work outgina123451/12/2013 3:08PM

For drugstore, I would absolutely return - they should have testers if they don't want returns ++emisara1/12/2013 3:07PM

I'm usually broke, so if I can get my money back, then yes, and this has always made it easier+++beautyforless1/17/2013 10:53PM

No, because I don't want to end up with makeup that I'm not using AND be out of the money.jingyo1/12/2013 3:06PM

I only return if it gives me a reactionheidikzoo1/12/2013 3:05PM

Yeah... I never return unless there is something wrong with the product. +++kaykre1/12/2013 3:03PM

yes, just because the color/finish doesn't work for me doesn't mean that there's anything wrong w ithodetovervannet1/19/2013 1:34AM

They accept returns for a reason.MsTapp1/12/2013 3:03PM

Yes, I can't return items in the UK but I would not return something unless I had a serious issue ++AngelicMaris1/12/2013 3:01PM

I seldom return anything. Reasonable expectations FTW. HeavensDevil1/12/2013 3:00PM

Returning things doesn't mean one has unreasonable expectations.kf20121/12/2013 3:27PM

2nd, i reasonably expect a product to not break me out...but i do try samples firsthanhnee1/17/2013 4:27PM

I would if I could, but it's illegal here.Baldufita1/12/2013 2:58PM