POLL: In your opinion, what is the absolute BEST mascara you've ever used (past or present) BAR NONE


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expand whole threadPOLL: In your opinion, what is the absolute BEST mascara you've ever used (past or present) BAR NONEStephie1/11/2013 10:21PM

Clarins lengthening for sureamiraxoxo1/25/2013 12:55AM

mary kay ultimate mascarajellybabe231/24/2013 11:27PM

L'Oreal Telescopic Carbon Blackgc20111/24/2013 10:40AM

L'oreal voluminous curved brush sydney471/24/2013 12:33AM

So far, Tarte;s Lights, Camera Action is top of my hit list. The Jordana is good tho;...3110hello1/23/2013 8:09PM

samshbox full exposure, it is pure awesomenessLakkert1/23/2013 1:47PM

DiorShow Extasegreenfaerie381/23/2013 7:31AM

Shiseido define volume something or other... First non wp that holds a damn curl in my stick +++ocelot11/23/2013 2:42AM

Lancome Hypnosemelikeymakeup1/23/2013 12:58AM

Maybelline Full n' Soft, hands down (bring this back to Canada!!)pieme1/22/2013 11:35PM

thismonicaking771/24/2013 4:24PM

Exactly, and why the He!! is it not here in Canada anymore :(GlosslipGirl1/24/2013 3:11AM

This! Love it in WP, it's at Drugstore.comcyborgannie1/23/2013 9:50AM

I love the WP version as well! ;)aznmnkygrl8081/23/2013 3:41PM

Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascaralilacshine91/22/2013 8:27PM

Definicilscutestuff1/22/2013 4:43PM

ELF Mineral Infused. cristy_amk1/22/2013 2:05PM

L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon BlackMenolikepolos1/22/2013 12:15PM

Lancome Hypnose Dramarayoflight1211/22/2013 10:23AM

2ndbbybreanna1/23/2013 1:31AM

Diorshow blackout OR two faced lash injectionxtinagetstome1/22/2013 1:29AM

Estee Launder sumptuous extrememorganna7771/21/2013 9:52PM

Maybelline FnS wp and MAC Plush Lashcloroxcowgirl1/21/2013 3:36PM

There was one by Covergirl years ago - not waterproof or anything++KalmiaB1/21/2013 2:13PM

I'm a mascara junkie and the best, IMHO, is Maybelline one by one WP ++trisheee1/21/2013 1:24PM

I am 51 so I have used quite a few brands but......frecklesrock1/21/2013 11:55AM

loreal voluminous in carbon black is the bestshereenmohsen1/22/2013 2:59AM

Shu's newest Stretch Xtreme has everything I've been looking for. At last a home run.joy2uandme1/21/2013 9:38AM

I stand alone here. Been using Great Lash 30 Yrs. It always+sunnyonne11/21/2013 6:19AM

Same for me. I try other brands, but I always come back to it.Neopatra1/22/2013 11:57PM

I also love Great Lash!teecube1/22/2013 8:31AM

You are not alone. I LOVE Great Lash. I'm 52 and I've used it since I was a teen. ROPSusan2148A1/22/2013 7:52AM

voluminous wp and Chanel's wp inimitablekiune1/21/2013 8:16AM

Rihamq1/21/2013 1:22AM

Jordana. I get it at Walgreens for $3, and it's better than ANY HE mascara I've used. And, I've +AllisonWonderland1/20/2013 11:59PM

Huge 2nd for Jordana Best Lash Extreme, it's beat any HE I've tried by a mile...rbyars11/21/2013 4:51PM

Huge 3rd can't believe this 2.99 wonder has been under my nose all alongdogdaze1/22/2013 7:32PM

Second this!shimmi1/22/2013 12:13AM

4th. Better than any HE I've ever used. Love. AllisonWonderland1/23/2013 10:28PM

5Th!! best everjessica851/24/2013 6:49PM

benefit they're realjskellis1/20/2013 8:14PM

Lancome Hynose - I keep going back to it but it dries out quicklyabrad19671/20/2013 6:49PM

Hmm, either Dior blackout or YSL faux cils for a dramatic look, voluminous for everyday enamacheylove1/20/2013 6:32PM

Maybelline Lash Stylist (Discontinued)valereeb1/20/2013 6:19PM

cg lashblast loula6241/20/2013 4:47PM

Avon Incredible lengths (Discontinued )++Meshmmesha7720001/20/2013 1:49PM

covergirl lashblastdaydremes1/20/2013 12:15PM

Jordanakittykat11/20/2013 2:35PM

Old school L'oreal Volumious, the formulation from over ten years agosmk9271/20/2013 12:09PM

Jordanashgirl21/20/2013 11:51AM

Dior BlackoutTokyopurplegirl1/20/2013 11:37AM

Tokyopurplegirl1/20/2013 11:36AM

Voluminous Full definition or to splurge Lancome definicils precious cellsGuysCallMeShawna1/20/2013 10:08AM

YSL false lash doe_eyed_kitty1/20/2013 6:00AM

Maybelline The Colossal Volum' ++missraffix31/20/2013 12:57AM

MAC studio fix bold black lash. I buy it over and over again! Xasti12341/20/2013 12:31AM

Rimmel glameyesarkindt1/19/2013 11:04PM

CG Marathon Mascara(disc)& Lancome Aquacils(disc)clairerenee1/19/2013 8:37PM

Dior Iconvanillafuzz1/19/2013 8:00PM

Rimmel Extra Super Lash!dakota20101/19/2013 5:08PM

Maybelline Volum Express Turbo Boost 5X WaterproofDarkHairedBarbieDoll1/19/2013 3:49PM

Max Factor 2000 CAlorieshortnsmall1/19/2013 3:44PM

shortnsmall1/19/2013 3:44PM

Lancome (hypnose drama, definicils and precious cells), ES Magnascopic, Almay get up and growmisscynthia061/19/2013 3:14PM

imju fiberwigantelopeomg1/12/2013 1:12PM

Px False EyelashesMRSLE1/12/2013 11:35AM

max factor 2000 calorie.tnkrbelrox1/12/2013 12:35AM

I used that for years, haven't been to find it in the US for agestimothybcat1/19/2013 11:36PM

Drugstore.com used to carry it...AllisonWonderland1/21/2013

Mally Volumizing. Wonderful volume and length, buildable, no flaking, stays on through teary eyes.CarolynKeene1/12/2013 12:07AM

Yup. It's absolutely PERFECTtimothybcat1/19/2013 11:39PM

3rdfinn471/23/2013 7:33AM

4thpln3151/24/2013 12:03PM

I am not a volume mascara person, I like length, so w/that said ++cytaormina1/11/2013 11:43PM

Clinique High Impactcaitlinbc1/11/2013 11:43PM

2nd!! soeagle1/20/2013 12:06AM

l'oreal double extend (red tube)karrielyn1/11/2013 11:42PM

Clinique Lash Doubling mascarakself1/11/2013 11:32PM

DiorShow UnlimitedPaleIsTheNewTan1/11/2013 11:21PM

Maybelline the falsiesmusicbox931/11/2013 11:07PM

chanel le volumesungelly871/11/2013 11:03PM

maybelline full & soft! been using it for over 7 yearsvirlomi1/11/2013 10:57PM

GreenFruit1/11/2013 10:46PM

Bobbi Brown Long Wear & Benefit They're Realcjsmommasan1/11/2013 10:45PM

Trish McEvoygoldenevening1/11/2013 10:41PM

sadly:( the best ones I've tried and fallen in love w/have been samples +ahousefellonmysister1/11/2013 10:34PM

this is so true, i don't understand it!Menolikepolos1/22/2013 12:17PM

Samples..the short handle+full size brush on any brand or formula gives the best lashesmadre1/24/2013 3:16PM

Benefit Badgal brandi96891/21/2013 2:10PM

I agree!dmfitzg1/11/2013 10:40PM

Lancome Definicils--nothing else has ever worked as well for me.Debb1/11/2013 10:34PM

best mascaramukabuku1/24/2013 7:47PM

5th. ;)ihraracerkim1/21/2013 12:58AM

2ndaldehyde1/19/2013 7:08PM

3rdelisy1/20/2013 8:12AM

4th. Especially good applied before a volumizing mascara.lepin1/20/2013 1:54PM

Benefit They're Real, old brushllfmpt1/11/2013 10:32PM

They changed the brush???!!!timothybcat1/19/2013 11:37PM

daniellepastirchak1/20/2013 10:51AM

I really like Bourjois Liner Effect, but it's difficult to remove and now, hard to get a hold oftosirwithlove1/11/2013 10:30PM

So far, KMHM Long & Curl. I have some unopened ones I didn't try yet though.spookydeuce1/11/2013 10:29PM

for a long time, my favorite was Maybelline Full n Soft (washable version)mg841/11/2013 10:28PM

Blinc Tubing MascaraTrainedDreamer1/11/2013 10:27PM

Blinc Tubing Mascaraacyr1/21/2013 8:43AM

This. This is the only mascara that doesn't smudge or flake on me.PISALISA1/20/2013 8:08PM

Did you use it when it was in the original blue tube? I loved that one, buttosirwithlove1/11/2013 10:32PM

The brush was smaller on the blue tube I thinktricyclesinskirts1/23/2013 2:58PM

Aw :( & no, I didnt. I only recently got hooked on this shizz thanks to mubTrainedDreamer1/11/2013 10:37PM

MF lash perfection and Dior show over itbronzexgoddess1/11/2013 10:27PM

Prestige My Biggest LashesNoirAngelx1/11/2013 10:26PM

2ndMUrascal1/21/2013 8:30PM

Clinique High Impact Mascaratiffannnny1/11/2013 10:24PM

I have to say that this mascara (Clinique's High Impact) is one of my faves. nmStephie1/11/2013 10:25PM

Mine to, I honestly don't know what I'll do with out! Loltiffannnny1/11/2013 10:29PM

3rd. i love it. its fool proof36CHAMBERS1/11/2013 10:29PM

Max factor lash perfectionomarcomin1/11/2013 10:23PM

cg lb wp its the only shat that does not smudge+holds curllolfrymfer1/11/2013 10:22PM

This was my all-time favorite and HG until I realized recently it was the cause of my perpetually ++kmbirkel1/11/2013 10:24PM

That sucks. A reviewer said the new Clump Crusher irritates her eyes tootosirwithlove1/11/2013 10:33PM

now that I know that CG irritates my eyes I've realized Clump Crusher does as well. I just thought +kmbirkel1/11/2013 10:34PM

aww :( have you found anything as waterprooflolfrymfer1/11/2013 10:28PM

lol, no, but since my eyes don't water anymore I don't need WP anymore XDDDkmbirkel1/11/2013 10:33PM

If I HAD to choose, Dior Extasekmbirkel1/11/2013 10:22PM

Thisblooiejagwa1/21/2013 8:08PM

2nd this!!! Nothing comes close for a dramatic look (which I like almost all the time :P )polishedperfection1/11/2013 11:01PM

3rd. Or Guerlain Noir Givanabacowboy1/12/2013 12:34AM

GA ETK WP, but I have very specific/eccentric mascara "needs"gconn1/11/2013 10:21PM

Tell me about your *needs* LOL nmStephie1/11/2013 10:23PM

Something that holds a curl and doesn't smudge, but that is a talll, talll order w/my lashes/skin.gconn1/11/2013 10:29PM