I can not imagine spending so much on ONE np! Wow! (link inside)


I love nail polish, but never one that much. incredible...

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expand whole threadI can not imagine spending so much on ONE np! Wow! (link inside)crabbyhermit12/11/2012 2:39PM

Oh my! Well, at least the shipping is free :)Martha61012/12/2012 8:50PM

Spending that much on polish is dumb. I wouldn't even spend $15. brio81512/12/2012 8:45PM

That's actually cheap compared to her previous polishes sold - as much as $1250.00!!babycakes200012/12/2012 4:13AM

Did those sales actually go through? I heard they might be a hoax??Parisjasmal12/12/2012 6:17AM

That is ridiculous to me...... for a polish?USMCWIFE200812/11/2012 10:12PM

How can anyone on this board judge? ++mkup112/11/2012 11:37PM

I'm bored of this subject. Sorry.jenniferroyea12/12/2012 3:25PM

OOps - I meant to put that right below the main post.jenniferroyea12/12/2012 3:26PM

pot meet kettlekasdyln12/12/2012 11:35AM

Why don't you shut up already? it's getting old real fast no one cares what you thinkUSMCWIFE200812/12/2012 10:29AM

That's actually not bad considering some have sold for $600-1000kristel010612/11/2012 4:02PM

I'm sure there are also people who think >$20 for a Chanel polish is incredible. Depends ++polishDragon12/11/2012 3:41PM

lol my mom thinks anything over $1.50 is too much :)starrz32912/11/2012 3:48PM

Me neither, but ah well...people who have the money, will spend it =Xartoo12/11/2012 3:21PM

This partic one is fine as it's a fundraiser, but I find her other Ltd Eds pretty distastefulwindrose12/11/2012 3:04PM

I didn't pay attention to this being a fund raiser auction. It is. That being said, if you want it +tawnyinthepink0312/11/2012 2:49PM

note that this is a fundraiser.... ropAKCarol12/11/2012 2:49PM

Great that she's doing it for a cause but otherwise, the drama around ++thenotoriousbib12/11/2012 4:32PM

The only ones making drama are people here not her.mkup112/11/2012 8:57PM

That's what she said...nicolewo12/12/2012 7:30AM

Thank you! "Cause marketing" drives me nuts & it's important to know how much is actually going to++julia94112/11/2012 4:15PM

Glad it's for a charity and I am usually hesitant to ropBubblewrapper12/11/2012 7:00PM

I didn't notice this one is a fundraiser. That makes more sense! crabbyhermit12/11/2012 3:28PM

That's great! I hope the final bid goes up higher, then!cilucia12/11/2012 2:53PM

well that's okay thenkricket314212/11/2012 2:51PM

Glad you approve.mkup112/11/2012 8:58PM

lkruty12/11/2012 2:48PM

You missed the one(s?) that went for $1000+.mlle_elle12/11/2012 2:46PM

Hahaha! Um, yeah...sure they did. Wink winkcrabbyhermit12/11/2012 2:48PM

People have too much money if they are spending it on that, looks easily dupeable.EricaJay12/11/2012 2:44PM

Me neither. If I won the lottery, I still wouldn't pay it out of general principle.ayngemac12/11/2012 2:41PM

If I were a multi millionaire I might, but not for THAT one!michbelle12/11/2012 2:44PM

I wouldn't pay a tenth of that. lolblitherypoop12/11/2012 2:42PM

Same! Not for a polish I could make lolpassthepolishplease12/11/2012 2:44PM

Oh sure. Everyone thinks they can make it. mkup112/11/2012 11:38PM

That and I wouldn't pay $26 for *any* polish. That's just more than I could justify.blitherypoop12/11/2012 3:16PM

Same!seevan12/11/2012 5:16PM

this! i was over her when all the drama started and she went to ebaykricket314212/11/2012 2:45PM

It's funny your blaming her for the drama when MUA created it not her.mkup112/11/2012 8:59PM

2ndtawnyinthepink0312/11/2012 3:40PM

i've never posted this, but i am now. i think she has family members or friends that are driving thekricket314212/11/2012 2:41PM

eBay would closed her account kasdyln12/11/2012 5:27PM

At first (during all the drama) I think someone admitted to it. That's why the auctions say youkristel010612/11/2012 4:06PM

There is a whole big drama about this. You can google itmichbelle12/11/2012 2:44PM

glad i'm not the only one thinking this :)kricket314212/11/2012 2:45PM

Nope, not at all! It's very suspicious. Especially after the brother/eBay thing...crabbyhermit12/11/2012 2:47PM