PC new RESIST Instant Smoothing Anti-Aging Foundation looks great! Also shades for the very pale! +


Anyone going to try/buy it? It's not available (yet) overhere but I'm really curious;-)

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expand whole threadPC new RESIST Instant Smoothing Anti-Aging Foundation looks great! Also shades for the very pale! +Lizzy2812/10/2012 3:52PM

Yes, but not a single foundation for anyone who isn't white.happynappy112/12/2012 11:31AM

I agree more companies should extend their shade range, catering towards us paler and darker +Lizzy2812/12/2012 2:47PM

Thanks! I've been tempted to try it. Just ordered samples to find my shade.Martha61012/12/2012 8:41AM

Would you please share us your experiences? Thanks!Lizzy2812/12/2012 8:44AM

Sure. They shipped today. I ordered fair/light, light, and light/medium. I'll let you know.Martha61012/14/2012 8:40PM

:-( it doesn't have ss.Ashley9250412/11/2012 12:40AM

That's what I prefer;-)Lizzy2812/11/2012 7:43AM

me too. I hate when they put SS in foundation:(jetfan12/11/2012 9:22AM

I love that she's now making the claims that she used to call bs on other fdtnslemonz4us12/10/2012 7:05PM

I know, right! Absolute foot in mouth.endit12/11/2012 11:37PM

"the page you are looking for no longer exists" :( is there an ingredient link?jetfan12/10/2012 3:53PM

? Strange; link works for me. It's on the PC website but here is the (extensive) ingredients list:Lizzy2812/10/2012 3:56PM

hm, doesn't look so bad...for my skin, at least. If it came in a very pale yellow-toned shade +kelpri12/10/2012 4:40PM

I wonder what the first pale shades (0 and 1) look like...Lizzy2812/10/2012 4:42PM

*screams* I couldn't get past the first three ingredients!! (tks Lizzy:)jetfan12/10/2012 4:02PM

Runs off w/ jetfan, screaming! lolbarbiH12/10/2012 4:07PM

*joins the two of you* :pmeggan80812/10/2012 8:16PM

LOL! Oh well, if it's going to be available overhere I'll just order a sample;-) Lizzy2812/10/2012 4:04PM

Lizzy, I forget....are you breakout prone? A couple of scary ingredients to me. ;)barbiH12/10/2012 3:57PM

{waves} Thankfully I'm not breakout prone in the least;-)Lizzy2812/10/2012 3:59PM

*waves* You're gorgeous and lucky!!! (tries to imagine being non-breakout/clog prone)barbiH12/10/2012 4:06PM

Aww girls you are too kind;-) No, I haven't tried Nars SG; I'm quite allergic to anything Nars ropLizzy2812/12/2012 8:17AM

I agree you are so gorgeous!! i cant remember have you tried nars sheer glow rophello_everyone12/11/2012 10:43PM

Thanks but I really need fndt or TM to even out my ruddy, blotchy skin tone;-) I have several fndts+Lizzy2812/10/2012 4:38PM

Yeah you don't need foundation but if you aren't breakout prone and like wearing it++avironneur12/10/2012 4:32PM

Thank you too!! ♥ {blushes even redder}Lizzy2812/10/2012 4:24PM

Aww, thanks! ♥ But that's why there are foundations:DLizzy2812/10/2012 4:23PM

agree:) Gorgeous!jetfan12/10/2012 4:21PM

@Lizzy ♥ One would never know from your photos. :)barbiH12/10/2012 4:13PM

But... but I do have very sensitive and dry and Rosacean skin! :DLizzy2812/10/2012 4:09PM