I'm so baffled by the labels on skincare products lately. I've been on a hunt for a few new items ++

to combat this dry weather and I've noticed a ridiculous amount of companies will label a product as being "free" of something when it's not. I spotted a cleanser as being advertised as soap-free but I saw sulfates in the ingredient list. I saw toner labeled as alcohol free, ing. list states alcohol. Moisturizer labeled as fragrance free...you get the point. How do companies get away with that? They must simply count on consumers to not read the ing. list. It's really getting on my nerves.

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expand whole threadI'm so baffled by the labels on skincare products lately. I've been on a hunt for a few new items ++Jewelx1712/3/2012 9:21PM

mejicochica12/6/2012 8:14PM

ITA!lilacshine912/6/2012 10:38AM

Sulphates are detergents, not soaps. Totally different chemical make-up. Google it.greeneyesies12/5/2012 1:16PM

I hate Clinique. They say Allergy tested and 100 % Fragrance free. Yeah right. Always had problem +cherryme12/5/2012 7:14AM

Beatrice2812/5/2012 1:29PM

That's so scary! :( I have severe anaphylactic allergies!!diemydarling12/6/2012 2:23AM

Agree, clinique is awfulJewelx1712/5/2012 8:13AM

Beatrice2812/5/2012 1:31PM

True! And they have so many ingredients. And the toners smell like alcohol and the creams smell +cherryme12/6/2012 3:02AM

They're not lying exactly but playing with words. When they say soap, they mean the bar kind +MUrascal12/5/2012 4:45AM

yes playing with words would be the thing here, fancy marketing. most consumers dont care to look :(skinobsessed112/6/2012 12:52PM

I am definitely one of those people that read ing. list but I count on the labels to narrow it down+Jewelx1712/5/2012 8:09AM

They're allowed to lie on labels except when it comes to "organic"...diemydarling12/4/2012 1:48AM

Products with 90%+ org. ing's can use the "organic" logo. Products w/ 70-95% ++bunbunny12/5/2012 6:48PM

pbi: "Organic" is not a regulated term, so those products can lie as well.meggan80812/4/2012 8:07PM

The only way to guarantee something is really organic is if it is labeled "USDA certified." Here's+meggan80812/5/2012 11:59PM

Oh how sad. I knew the USDA thing applied to food but didn't think topical products would need USDA diemydarling12/6/2012 2:18AM

"Organic" is regulated. "Natural" is not regulatedjess21312/5/2012 4:14PM

Organic is actually a regulated term in the US ropdiemydarling12/4/2012 8:12PM

Sulfates are not soap, and I think (but don't quote me on it) that if the alchohol and/or fragrance+meggan80812/3/2012 10:34PM

sulfates aren't soap? I didn't know that. The % thing is bs,can't believe they're allowed to do thatJewelx1712/4/2012 7:51AM

Yeah, if you google it, you can find out how they're different than soap. And ITA about the % +meggan80812/4/2012 8:09PM

PBI sulfates are detergents not chemically the same as a soap++Rowenah12/4/2012 1:07PM

not all "alcohol" is the bad kind. some are emollients. ++ashley9250412/3/2012 9:53PM

I should clarify I meant alcohol denatJewelx1712/3/2012 9:57PM