Went in for a blazer or suit, came out with this!? ROP pic + y/n plz

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I didn't expect the SA to steer me away from the smart, brown and tan pin striped skirt suit toward this to pick for interview wear! She advised me to carry a jacket (but not wear it), wear a long simple gold chain necklace and a smart looking purse with this dress for an interview.

I am going to look through my jewelry and other accessories tonight to see what I have that would work with this and I plan on taking and posting pictures of the whole outfit as soon as I can.

Tags are still on the dress, and I have the reciept if it would be better to go back for an actual suit or blazer instead.

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expand whole threadWent in for a blazer or suit, came out with this!? ROP pic + y/n plzcarakitty11/17/2012 5:42PM

That SA did you a disservice. Take it back and get what you originally planned to get.Susan2148a11/19/2012 2:41PM

It is always better to err on the conservative side when interviewing. This is far from conservativelepin11/19/2012 1:46PM

Unless you are going back in time for a job at a coffee house in the midwest in 1995 I'd return it!nocturnefata11/19/2012 6:25AM

You seriously made me LOL, I started picturing blossom hats and combat boots with this dress. teeheeswtlilqtk11/19/2012 11:57AM

perfumista111/19/2012 7:46AM

Nay. Such dresses are for casual wear only. For interviews go with a suit or sleek pants & blazer.Lizzy2811/19/2012 6:16AM

I think you have a great figure and this dress doesn't do it justice at all ++musicbox9311/19/2012 1:00AM

Depends on the jobMeriel6511/18/2012 10:29PM

Nay. You had posted a pic of yourself in a suit. It looks better.Martha61011/18/2012 8:36PM

I dont know your build, but this can look matronly on a lot of people. swtlilqtk11/18/2012 3:10PM

Just posted a pic of the dress on me.carakitty11/18/2012 3:11PM

After looking at the photo, >>>alchemy11/18/2012 3:25PM

ITA, just looked at photo.swtlilqtk11/18/2012 5:23PM

The tights were part of my OOTD. Didn't know I'd have to specify that. =)carakitty11/18/2012 8:42PM

not an interview outfit. Go with your original plantracygray11/18/2012 2:27PM

I think this would work for an interview as long as you WEAR a suit jacket with it. For a creative++JenPhil131311/18/2012 1:19PM

nay. i think for an interview you have to dress more traditional with the suit pant/skirtmegabookfreak11/18/2012 12:04PM

this is definately not for an interview. I don't like it but it might look better actually on you. Ashley9250411/18/2012 11:54AM

dislike dress, but also would not wear it for an interviewxcessa11/17/2012 11:53PM

ITA. If not a suit, I'd at least wear nice trousers/slacks & a long-sleeved button-down blouse.leeyao11/18/2012 12:10AM

That is def not interview attire, its very casual. Also from a fellow large busted girl, that +rahnstaaap11/17/2012 10:21PM

I bet that looks great on you, and I'd add fitted blazer for interview. Good luck!nekochama11/17/2012 9:57PM

not interchanageable with a suit for an interview. 24kt11/17/2012 7:29PM

Given the retail/veterinary interview, it's appropriate; however, >>>alchemy11/17/2012 6:23PM

I tried the dress on in the store, SA's liked ti the best of the 4 items I tried on. ROPcarakitty11/17/2012 6:29PM

Btw, I never really listen to what SA says. They usually just want to make a sale.seonmi11/17/2012 9:55PM

A knit dress with a cowl for an interview? +HODOR11/17/2012 9:01PM

Tags are still on, dress is in garment bag in my closet.carakitty11/17/2012 9:59PM

To me that's too casual for an interview, I'm only a >ohana611/17/2012 6:16PM

It did throw me off. I guess their suit selection wasn't a good fit for my body shape?carakitty11/17/2012 6:21PM

I love the dress. Good for a creative field but not a conservative one for interview tho.cwhf11/17/2012 6:10PM

I dont think its ok for a creative interview either its knit basically a sweater dress HODOR11/17/2012 9:02PM

Thank you! I think the dress will work nicely. What fields, exactly, are "conservative"?carakitty11/17/2012 6:14PM

PBI: examples of conservative industries are banking, finance, law.alchemy11/17/2012 6:25PM

also medicinecwhf11/18/2012 11:21AM

Thank you.carakitty11/17/2012 6:31PM

hm this is definitely a no-go for a conservative industry, but then brown for a suit is not really+IceQueen33311/17/2012 5:51PM

I'll get to the pics as soon as I can. Weekends are pretty busy for me!carakitty11/17/2012 5:53PM

Depending on your field, I would think you'd want at least one nice suit.kgsd11/17/2012 5:46PM

See below for my fieldcarakitty11/17/2012 5:52PM

what type of job is it for? setoilia11/17/2012 5:44PM

Retail or Veterinarian Officecarakitty11/17/2012 5:52PM

For retail i would do a sheath or shift dress with +HODOR11/17/2012 9:06PM

I'm in the vet field, and while it's a nice dress, would not recc for interviewtrillium1311/17/2012 6:28PM

What would you suggest?carakitty11/17/2012 6:31PM

Depends a little on exactly what position you mean, but ++trillium1311/17/2012 7:28PM