I just got a creepy email from garden of wisdom's Markey rop

I made a comment on this board about GOW making some far fetched claims. Some products such as Vipor Venom (sounds like snake oil to me) among others claim to do some miraculous and some might say far fetched things. Marky from GOW sent me an email asking me to explain myself? I would be happy to forward this email to anyone who would like to read it.

Wow. To think I was going to order the Camillia oil and Meadowfoam oil from them. Luckily I found both items more reasonably priced on Amazon. I feel that we should not be bullied in this website when we give our unbiased opinions. Such behavior by manufacture bullies chills our comfort level and makes us afraid to speak up.

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expand whole threadI just got a creepy email from garden of wisdom's Markey ropscott7711/16/2012 10:58AM

doesn't seem so bad to me...MUrascal11/17/2012 8:26PM

I tend to agree. If she (Markey) had "called OP out" (as it were) in a thread +wilsonallyson11/18/2012 6:06PM

I don't get a rude or creepy vibe from her either, ropcanubelievit11/20/2012 10:04AM

Take a look at my pic and take one of your husband Lolscott7711/20/2012 9:00PM

Wussy. Okay homophobescott7711/20/2012 8:58PM

yup. mellern11/20/2012 11:55AM

2nd to all of this!!!pawnshop_rose11/20/2012 7:40AM

What'd they say?asianbarbiee9111/17/2012 5:40PM

Oh no! I'm sad to read this thread. She also contacted me in a similar manner. But I was waiting +shimmersweetie11/16/2012 8:56PM

Wow. Interesting. She apparently did this a lot.scott7711/16/2012 10:37PM

I guess so. At least she was helpful and polite to me.shimmersweetie11/17/2012 2:06AM

She was borderline rude in her PM to me. I was not happy but I did respond. She didn't deserve a +barbiH11/17/2012 8:46AM

Just reaffirms my opinion of them as some items are simply high priced & ineffective as water.tiredofbs11/16/2012 3:56PM

The good thing is that I found lower prices for the same ropscott7711/16/2012 4:22PM

Markey Martin of GOW (owner according to GOW website) ropscott7711/16/2012 4:33PM

Posting...Garden of Wisdomcraftyfem11/16/2012 2:37PM

You know what's "harsh"? Contacting MUAers about your business. +++hardtimesagain 11/16/2012 11:02PM

Completely agreescott7711/17/2012 8:55PM

That is really weird. I think I can half way understand it +++cyborgannie11/17/2012 9:14AM

So why delete? avironneur11/16/2012 6:27PM

I assume her profile was removed by the mods.barbiH11/16/2012 8:17PM

GOODhardtimesagain 11/16/2012 11:02PM

Yes you are right that's likely what happenedavironneur11/16/2012 10:20PM

If you don't want us using terms like "sketchy, creepy, cyber stalking, disturbing,&confronting">UpErMei11/16/2012 4:31PM

Reminds me off when Jay & Silent Bob went to find internet +++cyborgannie11/17/2012 9:16AM

Exactly!scott7711/16/2012 4:34PM

Cool. You are aware of the rules of the form and by the ropscott7711/16/2012 3:47PM

Sorry for the typos posting on iphonescott7711/16/2012 3:49PM

It's just inappropriate for a business owner to privately contact members for ANY reason IMO.barbiH11/16/2012 3:25PM

Yes, ita 100%. It's strange to me that this just wouldn't be common sense!UpErMei11/16/2012 4:33PM

Agree. Sorry for using "creepy;" it was a bit harsh. I still agree w/ barbi, though. I do think +meggan80811/16/2012 3:49PM

Agree 100%. I will continue to order product from GOW, I have no issues with the product or the CS+jetfan11/16/2012 3:39PM

I like GoW and have no problems with their service but yes, that is completely inappropriate +++avironneur11/16/2012 2:05PM

Totally agree w/ others that she should confront people openly. Defintely creepy to PM people.meggan80811/16/2012 1:33PM

Can you forward it to me? Never posted on that message board, might not want to after that...LadyofFluff11/16/2012 1:20PM

Thankyou for that. Perfectly polite, but why that couldn't have been asked on the board I don't knowLadyofFluff11/16/2012 1:28PM

Defending/questioning on the board is fine imo, but a PM... crossing the line. Overall roplushorchid11/16/2012 1:16PM

Thanks. You are right Markey could have responded on the boardscott7711/16/2012 1:26PM

And a manufacturer using a member name to do so ropscott7711/16/2012 1:28PM

I would think that a true professional would want to hear the truth about their products, good or +juliet778111/16/2012 12:50PM

that's the thing tho - after reading the original email (scott77 forwarded to me) she was asking ++gizmorules11/16/2012 12:54PM

ahh, ok I understand now. But yes, that still is a little sketchy to PM someonejuliet778111/16/2012 12:58PM

That is beyond messed up! Free speech GOW! I am going to rethink ordering from them again...UpErMei11/16/2012 12:39PM

Imo she crossed the line big time...UpErMei11/16/2012 12:41PM

totally inappropriate2sillybugs11/16/2012 12:21PM

Wow. I was going to place an order for some rosehip seed oil but not anymore.ashleymcr11/16/2012 12:20PM

Very distrubing. I won't be ordering from them.kai111/16/2012 12:07PM

I've gotten those too. I thinks it's WAY out of line to do that. WAY+jetfan11/16/2012 11:50AM

Thank you seems like Markey actively markets herescott7711/16/2012 1:30PM

She gets a lot of recs for good products & service, no other reasonsniffer11/16/2012 2:34PM

yeah what's up w that line about ss? strangegizmorules11/16/2012 12:14PM

thanks for forwarding - after reading it it's not mean or rude at all, i may have been too harsh +gizmorules11/16/2012 11:23AM

Thanks, that is why I am happy to forward it ropscott7711/16/2012 11:41AM

You explained that very well and I totally agree with you. How very strange. I"ve never ordered +coffeeandcream11/16/2012 12:34PM

Markey aka craftyfem has done this to other members so it ropscott7711/16/2012 11:43AM

yeah i can understand that. even if she's genuine in wanting feedback it can be ++gizmorules11/16/2012 11:58AM

I don't mind being challenged but do it publicly here on the board, out in the open. JMObarbiH11/16/2012 12:14PM

yes ITAgizmorules11/16/2012 12:15PM

I got one a couple of days ago too. I'm blocking future PM's. I think the mods should know.barbiH11/16/2012 11:06AM

Agree that anyone who has been contacted by her needs to let mods know. She is totally out of line.kai111/16/2012 12:38PM

Wow. So this is not an isolated incident. Very creepy!scott7711/16/2012 11:15AM

ITA. I'm so glad you posted. I had been debating whether or not I should expose her.barbiH11/16/2012 12:20PM

Is she on MUA or have these emails been send to email accounts?mellern11/16/2012 11:13AM

The member name is craftyfem I should read some reviews ropscott7711/16/2012 11:18AM

apparently she is not so...crafty...vonns8411/16/2012 12:45PM

Haha, we should do a poll, Craftyfem's more appriorate name?cyborgannie11/17/2012 9:23AM

Very true Lol!scott7711/16/2012 1:34PM

that's disturbing. cyber stalking is not cool and like you said, it's a personal opinion ++gizmorules11/16/2012 11:02AM

Not even personal opinion, if something is a blatant false claim and there is scientific+vonns8411/16/2012 12:46PM

that's true but in this case her PM to the OP indicated she didn't want to make any false claims ++gizmorules11/16/2012 12:51PM

I see what you're saying. vonns8411/16/2012 12:56PM

I just reported it to admin here scott7711/16/2012 11:14AM

nmgizmorules11/16/2012 11:16AM

So NOT cool. :(barbiH11/16/2012 11:09AM