Kim Kardashian's hip dip (before + after) and older botched boob job ++

Thus, there is a reason why her hips have been looking very round and wide lately. It's because of fat transferal surgery that can deposit fat from your own body into places you want like boobs, butt (of course she did that) but also in places like your hips to "round" them and give the hourglass shape.

Nicki Manaj and Coco Austin have also gotten this done.

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And here is a picture from 2006 of her older boobs. You can clearly see the implant indentation. It's been fixed now because her boobs look very natural now

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p.s. Sorry, posted this on Cafe by mistake.

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expand whole threadKim Kardashian's hip dip (before + after) and older botched boob job ++MrsPhysicist111/15/2012 7:17PM

if you google Sophia Loren or Brigitte Bardot (link photo) it's hard to believe their figures! ROPespiegle11/19/2012 9:44PM

espiegle11/19/2012 9:45PM

sorry, never mind.bunbunny11/19/2012 7:25PM

ProofIndustryKoda11/19/2012 7:02PM

I always thought her boobs were natural, but they look so fake in pics 1 and 3.MalibuMands11/19/2012 6:09PM

I know someone who wants the brazilain butt lift, does the fat really stay in place?morganna77711/19/2012 4:24PM

She looks great in the first pic, her boobs and her hips +sarraaa11/19/2012 2:23PM

hourglasses don not have round hips- you mean pearrookiemk11/17/2012 1:34PM

Of course they dorahnstaaap11/19/2012 10:55AM

hourglass has small waist, full hips-like an hourglass!zingss11/18/2012 1:15PM

Yes this. She looks better in 2nd pic than first IMO.swtlilqtk11/18/2012 2:48PM

I have never seen someone so obsessed with themselves. She defines narcissism. Ugh...terriv1311/17/2012 11:57AM

i thought she got wider cause she just got fatter. lolrtrochez11/17/2012 11:32AM

I did too. She gets her stomach lipo'd which is why it looks comparatively small. ishadow200011/17/2012 7:12PM

So. Sick. Of. Hearing/Seeing. Her. Please. Go. Away.terriv1311/17/2012 11:28AM

what's a hip-dip? Becki3215511/17/2012 9:43AM

Her hips look RIDICULOUSLY huge in the second pic :Omeghans429511/17/2012 2:38AM

it screams FAKE! why bother to go through all that just to look blatantly fake?PilatesChick11/17/2012 11:41PM

I'm So sick of her lately. Meh. melinda_11/17/2012 2:15AM

I noticed lips, on her face hahaha, looks weird:-(iamqueen11/16/2012 10:14PM

The last picture is obviously from a wire bra or etc. Implants do not cause lines like that.cyborgannie11/16/2012 9:39PM

Agreedclairebear99211/17/2012 2:37AM

She has DEFINITELY gotten a ton of stuff done, but r/oIhaveapieproblem11/16/2012 8:41PM

That last pic just looks like underwire bra indentations to me.hrab0311/16/2012 3:07PM

Yes! I just said that!cyborgannie11/16/2012 9:39PM

that last pic is not even her, its a wannabejmdmdm11/16/2012 2:08PM

WHO CARES.justinetindall11/16/2012 1:52PM

not every celeb gets PS.. this is so annoying. SarebbeBello11/16/2012 1:33PM

She has had soooooo much! Look at the 'before and afters' on PS websites, then r/oIhaveapieproblem11/16/2012 8:44PM

Agreed, she's had tons. clairebear99211/17/2012 2:39AM

I hate that she messed with herself. She was super pretty in her natural state years ago. bijoux2711/16/2012 1:18PM

and now she looks like a mutant alienPilatesChick11/17/2012 11:42PM

Agreed, she was beautiful child/teenMUrascal11/16/2012 2:08PM

I think some of her procedures dramatically improved her appearance but she is overdoing it at this+diana711/16/2012 1:32PM

Agree.ishadow200011/17/2012 7:14PM

My thought: I don't understand why this person is famous. violet97811/16/2012 6:16AM

A profound thought and a good question. I'm so tired of hearing about her.emgb11/16/2012 8:21PM

Totallynica11/16/2012 7:09PM

This is what I have always wondered, too.bofuz11/16/2012 2:09PM

Not sure on the hips-she's always had a booty. And the boobs are not "natural" now!zingss11/16/2012 5:32AM

She had a med. butt before, a huge, different shaped one now.Ihaveapieproblem11/16/2012 8:46PM

Her butt is fake but the picture shows how her hips have been filled out. MrsPhysicist111/16/2012 12:02PM

She has gotten so much done, I think. She's beautiful but in a way unnatural to me. And her hips +asianbarbiee9111/16/2012 1:51AM

She was a pear-shaped but then got the hip-dip filled to be an hourglass. MrsPhysicist111/16/2012 12:01PM

I can't tell the difference.narwhal4life11/15/2012 10:33PM

She looks disgusting in that last pic. Perhaps she saw Dr. Kim for her 2nd boob job.a2910511/15/2012 8:31PM

She had really weird lips back then, too. MrsPhysicist111/15/2012 9:08PM

Her lips are often overfilled.zingss11/16/2012 5:31AM