I really need to cancel birchbox...it's getting ridiculous r/o


Tiny deluxe sample bottle of Kieh's Creme de Corps
Perfume sample spray
Sample packets of skincare *yawn* and some undereye gel thingies
Mini stila All Over Shimmer liquid in gold (this is actually kinda nice)
A $15 coupon for $88 "custom" pumps online but they don't carry my size and I don't wear pumps.

This was definitely not worth $10.

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expand whole threadI really need to cancel birchbox...it's getting ridiculous r/overybecca11/14/2012 10:12PM

I hated birchbox--they sent 2 ahava mineral lotions in a row. Canceled immediatelytricyclesinskirts11/17/2012 11:59AM

I felt the same way~ canceled mine last weekdonna40911/17/2012 9:37AM

Beauty boxes are a rip offHoppla11/17/2012 3:40AM

i cancelled my sub to birchbox last month b/c it was honestly crap. i like glossybox bettermisslu99011/16/2012 7:40PM

What was in your glossy box?leahrene11/17/2012 3:44PM

u can get that stuff free if you just wonder round a Nordies cosmetics aisle & make a few friendskerstinmarianne11/16/2012 6:16PM

i don't blame you, those contents are lameMUrascal11/16/2012 2:30PM

I haven't even received a shipping email from them this month, much less an actual box. I know ++sprite2611/16/2012 2:24PM

I'm glad I never tried any of those sub programs, heard so many bad things. I tried Jewelmint for ++Jewelx1711/16/2012 8:04AM

I couldn't agree more. Mine was a gift from my kids and I hate to tell them what a bust it is!lindo511/16/2012 7:00AM

I've had some fun with IPSY if you are looking for a new one R/O for pic:bluetigerlily11/16/2012 1:16AM

That's the same thing I got, worst one so far :(hardtimesagain 11/15/2012 7:12PM

they haven't even SHIPPED mine yet this monthemisara11/15/2012 12:23AM

I've been thinking the same... r/o/pshelleypend11/14/2012 10:29PM

I used to love it, every other month - it's a waste of $ at this point r/overybecca11/14/2012 10:32PM

lol..funny..i'm think of canceling ipsyeternalstarangel11/14/2012 10:52PM

Imma give it a whirlsky for a month or two and see if I like it betterverybecca11/14/2012 11:09PM

Cancel and tell CS exactly why.DiamondTiara11/14/2012 10:24PM

I will :D thanksverybecca11/14/2012 10:29PM

They didn't seem to care at all when I emailed honestlytricyclesinskirts11/17/2012 12:01PM

in other news, your little boy is so cute.thecharm11/14/2012 10:20PM

lol!! thank you!!!!verybecca11/14/2012 10:21PM

Yeah I'm thinking of switching over to Ipsy.CherylR11/14/2012 10:16PM

what's ipsy like?verybecca11/14/2012 10:17PM

pbi I got myGlam for the first couple months - you get less of the lifestyle stuff and perfume +gconn11/14/2012 10:21PM

I didn't like MyGlam but haven't tried since they renamed+lipglossandletdown67811/14/2012 10:28PM

omg i know i think i know which month you're talking about, it smelled like rotten tuna, nauseating!lizzzellzzz11/19/2012 8:11AM

I've gone back and forth with Ipsy/Myglam and have cancelled and signed back up a few times now ++VioletteD11/16/2012 7:47AM

They have more full-sized stuff for the same $10 price. Let me see if I can find someone's pic.CherylR11/14/2012 10:18PM

Oh here is eternalstarangel's pic...r/oCherylR11/14/2012 10:20PM

OOH that looks fun@verybecca11/14/2012 10:20PM

sweet thanks! verybecca11/14/2012 10:21PM

If you go to their site they have photos of what was in previous bags.CherylR11/14/2012 10:20PM

I have no regrets about dropping them in AprilAmyFarrahFowler11/14/2012 10:16PM

lameeeeeeethecharm11/14/2012 10:15PM

lol. I think they lost my box this month :[gconn11/14/2012 10:14PM

They are based in NYC (I believe) so there were Sandy delays, check your email+ lipglossandletdown67811/14/2012 10:25PM

I have a tracking link, and it goes nowhere.gconn11/14/2012 11:25PM

that's not surprising, I never got Sept's box.verybecca11/14/2012 10:15PM