Kind of want a Clarisonic and I can get it at 20% off at Ulta. Should I get one? I don't really ++

splurge on cleansers because I don't feel like they stay on your skin long enough to do much and I'm pretty happy with my Origins cleansing oil and Ambi SA face wash. However, I've been thinking about switching up the nighttime cleanser and I'm wondering if the Clarisonic will really help it penetrate my skin. I have pretty well-behaved, combination skin on my face. My body, however, is a whole 'nother story. I just ordered a salux cloth, but I was intrigued by the Clarisonic and the thought of using that in conjunction with an AHA body wash or something. What do y'all think? Is it worth the hype?

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expand whole threadKind of want a Clarisonic and I can get it at 20% off at Ulta. Should I get one? I don't really ++nishagh111/9/2012 1:06PM

If you wear a lot of make up-get it, it helps remove them better but if not dont botherAishteru8511/15/2012 6:18AM

Get it especially if you can get 20% off.tigirlyly11/14/2012 9:42PM

Do it! I didn't really "need" it as I have been blessed with semi good skin +fuzzysham11/14/2012 9:27PM

Totally Worth It!msnia0711/14/2012 9:00PM

One of the best beauty purchases I've ever made (nm)AMMC11/14/2012 7:50PM

Get itIndustryKoda11/14/2012 7:19PM

If you can afford it! brio81511/14/2012 1:26PM

Totally worth it. I stopped getting cysts and rarely get dry patches anymore. Get the Mia 2 ropchangja211/14/2012 11:34AM

Hype, You can use aluminum Oxide crystals or other forms of exfoliation+++morganna77711/14/2012 9:15AM

its the greatest thing ever. if mine broke i would buy another one same day.yackielala11/14/2012 9:09AM

I didn't believe the hype r/olesa11/14/2012 8:38AM

yes! i have the prosonic and my skin has gotten a million times better since using. kizels11/13/2012 8:48PM

I stopped using mine. It became just another gadget I shouldn't have bought.KalmiaB11/13/2012 6:08PM

Second this.xselena11/14/2012 12:07AM

Try the Salux first. I've been using them for several years- they're great...and CHEAP!++khvalles11/11/2012 8:07PM

yes! i stopped using it for a while and my skin got very dry and patchy again. Good thing is you canmegabookfreak11/11/2012 4:21PM

I've had mine for about 7 months now, I use it with Grandpa's Pine tar soap, in the morning, daily++espiegle11/11/2012 1:47PM

I enjoy mine because it's more delicate then I am at exfoliating :)nocturnefata11/11/2012 3:17AM

do you have a 20% off coupon? even the ulta FF 20% off doesnt apply to Clarisonic, just an FYI chloexlouise11/11/2012

It applied at my Ulta b/c it was a grand opening!nishagh111/13/2012 4:29PM

chloexlouise11/14/2012 2:03PM

if you are at all acne prone no. Get if someplace with a good return policyjetfan11/9/2012 8:00PM

I just ordered one as well with a skinstore discount lol+++xoxosincity11/9/2012 5:27PM

not to be a downer, but that's how my skin was when I tried it. BIG mistake+jetfan11/10/2012 9:04PM

Clarisonic seems to work for some people or so the reviews show BUT++LadyKolie11/9/2012 4:51PM

I had almost the same experience & my skin hasn't been the same since :-(mabel202611/9/2012 5:12PM

I was very tempted to splurge on a Clarisonic but i went with the Olay Pro-X and++sprite2611/9/2012 2:52PM

I have this and it's great for the price. CVS also has a generic one that's about $10 cheaper.AmazinglyUnamazing11/11/2012 5:46AM

I might actually just look into this. I don't know that my skin needs a Clarisonic. Thankyou!nishagh111/9/2012 4:21PM

I'd say if you're able to return it if you don't like it, go for it. I've never personally used it.meggan80811/9/2012 1:50PM

yeah, at least Ulta has a generous return policy!nishagh111/9/2012 4:21PM

For body- I MUCH prefer Salux cloth to Clarisonic. Cloth offers better exfoliation r/okai111/9/2012 1:36PM

I am so excited about getting this in the mail!!! The way everyone talks about it, I kind of ++nishagh111/9/2012 4:23PM

i returned mine, hated it!rachellauren11/9/2012 1:26PM

Oh no! Why did it not work out for you?nishagh111/9/2012 1:27PM

Not worth itmellern11/9/2012 1:24PM

May I ask why you don't think it's worth it?nishagh111/9/2012 1:28PM

ropmellern11/9/2012 3:12PM

Get itkailingggg11/11/2012 3:18AM

Oh! I was under the impression that it somehow helps the actives in your cleanser to penetrate +nishagh111/9/2012 3:20PM

I fnd that it gets my skin cleaner. /olesa11/15/2012 12:33AM

Not to rain on the parade, but that is just advertising.++LadyKolie11/9/2012 4:54PM

THIS IS TRUE ,Clarisonic is just an exfoliator and not even the most effective one.morganna77711/14/2012 9:16AM

That may be the case (I'm not sure), but why don't you just use those same actives in a leave-on mellern11/9/2012 4:04PM

It's really more for my body b/c I hate applying Am-lactin for my KP so if I could just use the ++nishagh111/9/2012 4:20PM