POLL: Name a product that really surprised you with results that FAR exceeded expectations


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expand whole threadPOLL: Name a product that really surprised you with results that FAR exceeded expectationsScruffy89211/8/2012 11:02PM

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery oil. Literally saved my face during this pregnancy!swtlilqtk11/19/2012 11:50AM

Olay face brush, Nufountain C serum.zingss11/19/2012 4:47AM

MUAC TCA Peelscott7711/18/2012 10:26PM

BHA 9 from Paula's Choice. Removed every stubborn clog. lbgreeley11/18/2012 6:35PM

My skin had been irritated and then I tried Cetaphil cleanser 'n gave up bar soap. Big difference.Martha61011/18/2012 4:10PM

I make my own scrub: 2 parts fine sea salt to 1 part evoo. Major reduction in my keratosis pilaris.shiverwithantici11/18/2012 3:40PM

UDPP and raw honey to wash my facejessicak6111/18/2012 3:25PM

bijoux2711/18/2012 2:58PM


YSL Teint Touche Eclat foundation :)paneradfisk11/18/2012 11:30AM

revlon colorstay foundation. better than my MUFE hd! SamanthaJo1911/18/2012 11:25AM

Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin <3 babyena11/18/2012 10:39AM

5% BP has completely transformed my skinxkillerxcrushx11/18/2012 10:10AM

There are 2- ROPenamacheylove11/18/2012 5:31AM

Purity is truly amazing.zingss11/19/2012 4:48AM

plain old ordinary witch hazel. cleared up my perimenopausal skin :)maggiegault11/18/2012 2:57AM

Thayer's Rose petal alchol-free witch hazelespiegle11/13/2012 12:43AM

Dove Beauty Bar (White)alohahawaii11/12/2012 11:06PM

Not exactly an otc product, but++carakitty511/12/2012 11:06PM

alpha hydrox enhanced lotion 10%jskellis11/12/2012 10:30PM

Me too. I use the cream. It's HG status. lindo511/18/2012 4:13PM

Thisscott7711/18/2012 10:27PM

2nd. Was not expecting my skin to love it so much SalamBG11/17/2012 10:26PM

This. Also amlactin. Cleared my back acne problem. rabbit511/18/2012 10:13AM

jojoba oil. finally have great skin and never break out anymorejade71611/11/2012 2:17AM

Elemis pro-collagen marine cream and Cliniderm redness rescue target cream+Nuppu11/10/2012 11:40PM

Retin-A Micro and Latisseraenamercedi11/10/2012 4:09PM

A makeup item: Cargo Blu_ray pressed powder. All powders and fdtns clog me but this is great! hanhnee11/10/2012 3:11PM

Paula's choice Resist line. Transformed my aging skin!! trisheee11/10/2012 2:57PM

Pantothenic acid pills cured my acne.mylegfeelsfunny11/10/2012 11:32AM

Hmm I have these, how do you use them for acne?redlipscateyes11/10/2012 2:29PM

I take 4 Pantothen brand pills a daymylegfeelsfunny11/10/2012 9:15PM

Accutane! doe_eyed_kitty11/10/2012 7:04AM

2nd!ronbong11/10/2012 1:07PM

3rdoneufaknd11/17/2012 11:52PM

MUAC Mandelic Peel, 100% Pure Caffeine e/ckai111/9/2012 10:48AM

I second the MUAC Mandelic Acid Peel!historian1211/18/2012 7:32PM

vitamin c serum in generallfrueh11/9/2012 9:24AM

any recs of your favorites?cyborgannie11/10/2012 9:36AM

Vaseline at night over my moisturizer. I've been floored and wish I'd have done this before vonns8411/9/2012 9:15AM

I will try this! Are you talking generous amount of vaseline and how do you take it off ?iamqueen11/10/2012 2:50AM

This!Caleee14311/9/2012 11:37PM

Derma E evenly radiant toner, helps lighten my acne scars Jewelx1711/9/2012 8:34AM

Alpha Hydox Retinol ResQcountrycats11/9/2012 7:18AM

Love this! I still have a few from the black friday/cyber monday sale last year! Ashley9250411/10/2012 12:43PM

ah yes. I need to get more of this. I punctured a hole in my old tube so I had to toss itvonns8411/9/2012 10:45AM

what has it done for you?coffeeandcream11/9/2012 8:29AM

This random Acne Free sulfur mask - it's totally calmed my irritated skin (shakes fist at PTR pads)esimple11/9/2012 7:05AM

love that maskkeia111311/10/2012 7:01AM

SCPF...excellent texture, great protection, tenacious, great under m/u, doesn't break me out, and +meggan80811/9/2012 1:17AM

Eminence Persimmon Spf 32 (formally could not use spf as so clog prone)xoxosincity11/9/2012 12:18AM

tetley11/9/2012 12:16AM

Origins Modern Frictionsprite2611/8/2012 11:52PM

GoW 10% mandelic acid serum - evened my skin like nothing else & got rid of every +kelpri11/8/2012 11:20PM

Ooooo I think you may have created a lemmingvirlomi11/9/2012 12:09AM

3rdesimple11/9/2012 7:40AM

NIA24 Skin Strengthening Complex. Reduced my rosacea flushing by 75%!!! Lindsay252511/8/2012 11:14PM

Interesting! I may have to check this outdenvergal11/8/2012 11:16PM

I hope it works as well for you as it did for me. Redness/rosacea is so fickle!Lindsay252511/8/2012 11:22PM

St. Ives No Scrub Exfoliating Padsredlipscateyes11/8/2012 11:06PM

wow, impressed by the ingredients. Yay no alcohol! :) i think my skin will love this. Thanks!hanhnee11/10/2012 3:04PM

I'm picking these up this week, I've heard great reviewscyborgannie11/10/2012 9:35AM

I've read great things about it but can't find it in Canada :(LovesChocolate11/10/2012 2:05PM

Garnier Anti-Sun damage moisturizer spf 27. I didn't have a single burn all summerImYourFavoriteDrug11/8/2012 11:05PM