PIC HEAVY Sleek Blush trios swatches

A lovely friend surprised me with 4 of these babies (just missing Lace now as it's oos everywhere near us) as a thank-you for doing her wedding mu last month. :D

all swatches are one swipe with a sponge, pics in nat sunlight

Top row: Sugar // Flame
Bottom row: Pumpkin // Pink Sprint


Pumpkin (Lantern satin, Squash shimmer, P Pie matte)


Pink Sprint (Pink Parfait satin, Pink Ice satin, Pinktini matte)


Flame (Furnace satin, Bon Fire matte, Molten shimmer)


Sugar (Turbinado satin, Muscovado shimmer, Demerara matte)


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expand whole threadPIC HEAVY Sleek Blush trios swatchesmadeupstories2/19/2012 4:12PM

i really want lace. i'm going to stop by superdrug on my way home from work tomorrow!antelopes2/19/2012 5:03PM

you look fabulous and I want sugar! literally and figurativelyorisha_girl2/19/2012 4:50PM

come over and borrow a cup. Don't wash.madeupstories2/19/2012 4:57PM

ahhh... how do you get your pores looking so invisible? ella3432/19/2012 4:48PM

>.> you must have your special flatterer specs onmadeupstories2/19/2012 4:57PM

Gorgeous! I thought my lemmings had been killed but seeing them on a r/oVioletOblivia2/19/2012 4:47PM

:* sorry Lou! I'm shocked that Sugar is actually my fave (the 'brown')madeupstories2/19/2012 4:56PM

I get the feeling they're going to be an absolute bugger to swap for too because of the hypeVioletOblivia2/19/2012 5:07PM

the eyes are so pretty and everytime I see pumpkin I get giddy and then sad b/c its acrss oceanmugglemichelle2/19/2012 4:42PM

aww :* you have pretty things across the pondmadeupstories2/19/2012 4:56PM

wow im spechless from all the loveliness! cassie112/19/2012 4:36PM

I love the singles but these are just *swoon*madeupstories2/19/2012 4:39PM

with that canvas you can do no wrongkrazybird2/19/2012 4:36PM

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED madeupstories2/19/2012 4:38PM

So stunning. I can't believe this is a drugstore brand!raissanina2/19/2012 4:34PM

they kick Nars butt for sure <3madeupstories2/19/2012 4:35PM

reminds me I need to dig out my rosegold amalzahir2/19/2012 4:37PM

Gorgeous! i always struggle a bit with ma sleek, being heavy handed and all :/ Works so well on eyescarovan2/19/2012 4:30PM

Do one light tap w/ a stippling brush & viola ;-)amalzahir2/19/2012 4:31PM

That's what I do but I look a bit clownish anyway >.<carovan2/19/2012 4:52PM

pssst, kitten paw, psssstmadeupstories2/19/2012 4:31PM

I know, but the moniez D:carovan2/19/2012 4:51PM

Yay! Love the fotd! Those blushes look like great quality ! neicyk132/19/2012 4:27PM

<3 they are amazeballs, neicy! Some of my faves @ any pricemadeupstories2/19/2012 4:29PM

Quite shocking. How about the shadows. Us Yanks go crazy for them! LOL. Maybe I should just use +neicyk132/19/2012 4:33PM

>.> are you on new meds? (e/s suck btw, lol)madeupstories2/19/2012 4:34PM

Great swatches, thank you! I love Muscovado, I find it a very unique shade.muppitonastring2/19/2012 4:26PM

it is my early favourite, just stunning! I love that it's not too +madeupstories2/19/2012 4:29PM

That was the colour that had me transfixed from first sight, but the other two in the palette I'm +muppitonastring2/19/2012 4:35PM

Love your liner! It's so even and suits your eye shape.+laitae2/19/2012 4:26PM

aw thanks, it's my lazy liner -- just following my natural shape lol +madeupstories2/19/2012 4:28PM

pbi: you no likey teh Lipstick? Oh well, tht's 50 Euros more I can put into Guerlain RA *obsessed*HespiesEvilTwin2/19/2012 4:41PM

I likey but no lovey, and for that price, I better f'ing lovey!madeupstories2/19/2012 4:58PM

If I followed my natural shape, liner would end up on my cheeks (I haz droopy lids).+ laitae2/19/2012 4:31PM

oh you haz not >:C whatever you do you always look perky in FOTDs+madeupstories2/19/2012 4:33PM

Amazing!!! Never thought they'd look so good as e/s! Just Amazing!!!pca05KAT2/19/2012 4:21PM

I was a bit worried because the middle shade is Sugar is seriously shimms+madeupstories2/19/2012 4:24PM

Can't wait for mine to arrive. :) Just one thing: I think you might be too pale to pull of reds as +toto8502/19/2012 4:19PM

ty for your honesty. I really am just wintry pale now however! lolmadeupstories2/19/2012 4:24PM

Sugar+Pink Sprint +MUS=too much for this weak heart and even weaker mind.HespiesEvilTwin2/19/2012 4:19PM

luckily you have buns of steelmadeupstories2/19/2012 4:21PM

seriously, MUS, y u so incredibly gorgeous and incredibly smart? no fair! *pouts, jellies*HespiesEvilTwin2/19/2012 4:23PM

:* I just happen to be to your warped tastesmadeupstories2/19/2012 4:25PM

You lucky duck!! &they look awesome on you(& you look gawjuss)which means they'll prob wrk for me?amalzahir2/19/2012 4:17PM

deeeefinitely <3madeupstories2/19/2012 4:20PM

Sugar is beautiful!!!! Amazing eye. These are not the states, correct?rivoli2/19/2012 4:16PM

afraid not, Superdrug only atm -- a UK CP would be your best bet+madeupstories2/19/2012 4:20PM

Yeah, this is so good... So, so good :D~~~~~~ Looks so glowy in the last pic!FreddieR2/19/2012 4:16PM

hee, tis flash :Dmadeupstories2/19/2012 4:20PM

I know you are lying as I used the reddy one in Pumpkin today and it GLOWS :D I seriously love the +FreddieR2/19/2012 4:21PM

<3 I am paralysed wondering which to go for tomorrow atm + madeupstories2/19/2012 4:23PM

IDK if you are as tempted as I am to do 2 completely different looks on each side of the face XD ++FreddieR2/19/2012 4:25PM

I am gonna do different eyes fo sure! You are a legend :*FreddieR2/19/2012 4:39PM

:D then we could see who does double-takes!madeupstories2/19/2012 4:29PM

Just gorgeous!jharrison2/19/2012 4:15PM

ty :* I also made some Kakitsubata swatches today (finally), will PM you tomorrowmadeupstories2/19/2012 4:19PM

mmmm YUM. would love to know what you have on your lips and your base +Phaedra852/19/2012 4:15PM

oops! Lips are Sensai The Lipstick 21 and base is just SP and EF under eyes +madeupstories2/19/2012 4:17PM

okay, total dunce thing to ask, sp and ef? and i want that sensai lipstick lol.Phaedra852/19/2012 4:18PM

Shu stage performer instant glow (I use it almost every day) and +madeupstories2/19/2012 4:19PM

why i thank you lol xxxxx your skin is gorg in this pic.Phaedra852/19/2012 4:20PM

oh man, could go some cheesecake, sooo hungover lol.Phaedra852/19/2012 4:33PM

thankee kindly *noms all the cheesecake*madeupstories2/19/2012 4:31PM

I can't see nuffin lol. i hope you feel better nao, post flu :) i hate flu's.Phaedra852/19/2012 4:23PM

you can see the bumps in the last pic D:madeupstories2/19/2012 4:22PM


NOR SHOULD ITmadeupstories2/19/2012 4:18PM

Wowzers. Those blushes are packing some serious pigment! You look hawt as usual ++naz852/19/2012 4:15PM

sorry to enable with these! *passes brain bleach*madeupstories2/19/2012 4:18PM

oh geez, they look REALLY good on your skintone. pink sprint and sugar in particularkatiekabooom2/19/2012 4:14PM

I was so surprised -- Sugar is actually my favourite, whereas in theory +madeupstories2/19/2012 4:18PM